Champions League Betting – Ultimate Strategy Guide

how to bet for uefa champions league
  • The UEFA Champions League is one of the biggest seasonal football tournaments that features all the top European teams.
  • You can bet on Champions League stages from qualifiers to The Round of 16 and the finals.
  • We cover the prop bets for overall goals, under/over, specific goal scorers, and top goalscorers.
  • Learn how to bet on the Champions League with these simple steps.

The UEFA Champions League is the pinnacle of European football. 32 teams from the top division of European clubs compete in the tournament.

In this Champions League betting guide, we will team you on how and where to bet on the Champions League with ease. From understanding the different stages of the tournament to individual bets that can be placed. We also list the best sites to bet on the Champions League. You can find the latest Champions League odds and predictions for Man City vs Chelsea here.

UEFA Champions League Odds

Much like other soccer tournament’s you can bet on individual games. Champions League betting odds are released immediately by online betting sites after the draw has taken place. This will determine which groups the teams are placed in and what opposition they will be facing.

Types of Champions League Betting Markets

Depending on what sportsbook you use for Champions League betting, the types of betting markets will vary. The four types of betting markets below are a great place to start and build from there.

Champions League Moneyline odds Explained

An essential nugget of knowledge for betting on soccer is understanding moneyline odds. This involves reading each number as the profit you would make on a successful $100 bet. 

Using the example below Barcelona are home favorites at (-111), when you see a negative use that number to bet to figure out what you would win in $100. Bet $11 on Barcelona to win $111. Liverpool are underdogs in this away fixture. As the figure is positive a single $100 bet would win you $336.


Over Under Odds Explained

Predicting the over under in soccer is the amount of goals scored per game. Typically the o/u is set at 2.5 or 3, depending on what teams are playing each other.

In the group stages of the Champions League, you can have a real mismatch game, where 6+ goals can be scored, these are the types of games bettors need to watch out for.

Correct Score Odds Explained

Selecting the correct score in any sport can be difficult. It doesn’t get any easier with Champions League betting. Luckily there are some key areas to consider before betting on the correct score in soccer.

  • Always back the favorite in these situations and try only pick with home advantage.
  • Keep your bet simple for example 2-1 score or 1-0.
  • Lastly, do your research on both team’s recent performance and history of scorelines between each other.

Double Chance Odds Explained

For every game of soccer, there are three possible outcomes. The same applies to UEFA soccer within the Champions League. They are a win, loss, or draw. The double chance refers to bettors having the choice to select two possible outcomes from the three.

The odds here would be considerably less due to it being a higher chance of 2/3 occurring. Our tip here is to find a betting site that allows you to parlay double chance bets to increase your value.

Champions League Betting Strategy

Being prepared is the first step to success. That’s why at Betting Insider Journal we have listed 3 steps for Champions League betting, they will assist with calculating your winnings and where to bet on the big games.

Champions League Betting Markets

A number of betting options are available for fans to bet on the UCL throughout the different stages of the tournament. They range from picking an outright winner from the get-go, to live betting.

Outright Winner

Once Champions League season comes to an end you can be sure the oddsmakers are ready for next season’s odds. These early futures odds can be a lucrative way of betting on an overachieving or underdog.

Group Winner Odds

There are four teams in each Champions League group. Two of which will go through to the next stage of the competition. The chances of predicting the winner and runner-up fairly straightforward and are one of the more fan-friendly bets to get you started.

Champions League Live Betting

In-play live betting for Champions League football is a popular betting tactic for the more experienced bettor. If you see one team has the edge and you want to make some money you can bet on the chances of them making a comeback.

live betting on Champions League soccer

Champions League Betting Sites

Opening up multiple betting accounts has its advantages. Especially for comparing odds to obtain the best value on your team.

To open an account simply sign-up and enter your details, after availing of your promo code which is available next to our list of recommended betting sites.

Click on “football” or “soccer” depending on your GEO location. You’ll see a several betting markets for the Champions League. You can bet on teams to win or simply to qualify from the group.

Champions League Favorites vs Underdogs

Home advantage is real, especially in the UEFA Champions League. Teams with passionate home crowds such as Liverpool or Barcelona can impose huge pressure on the traveling teams.

The players also have much further to travel than their usual domestic leagues, which can take its toll physically and mentally on busy match-weeks.

Key Takeaways

Betting on the UEFA Champions League isn’t much different than any other soccer tournament out there. You have your futures bets, which you can place before the season starts.

Then when it comes to betting on individual games, the betting markets range from betting on goals scored, specific results, and player props. Keep in the loop with all the latest soccer odds & predictions with Betting Insider Journal.


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