Best Bets for Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury

Joshua vs Fury faceoff
  • Looking for prop bets on the upcoming AJ vs Fury fight, we have you covered!
  • Tyson Fury to be knocked down and win is listed at +500.
  • Beyond the straight-up moneyline bet, there are round betting, knock-down props, and much more.

One of the biggest heavyweight boxing fights in recent history is upon us. “The Gypsy King” himself Tyson Fury will take on the adonis Anthony “AJ” Joshua. with the deal close to being finalized. In this guide, we break down the best bets for wagering on Fury vs AJ.

Fury vs Joshua Prop Bets

Anthony Joshua via points or decision+550
Anthony Joshua via KO/TKO+250
Tyson Fury via points or decision+190
Tyson Fury via KO/TKO+220
Anthony Joshua Round 1-3+1300
Anthony Joshua Round 4-6+850
Anthony Joshua Round 7-9+900
Anthony Joshua Round 10-12+1600
Tyson Fury Round 1-3+1500
Tyson Fury Round 4-6+800
Tyson Fury Round 7-9+750
Tyson Fury Round 10-12+1100
The fight ends within 60 seconds+6500

When it comes to betting on Anthony Joshua, he is favored to win by KO over decision against Tyson Fury. You can get AJ at +250, bet $100 to win $250 if he can knock out the “Gypsy King”.

For Tyson Fury, he is favored to defeat AJ by decision. Known as the best technical boxer of the heavyweight division, Fury is given odds of +190 to grind out a decision win on the judge’s scorecard. That would mean a $100 bet could net you $190.

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Some other juicy odds are the round betting market for Fury vs Joshua. The oddsmakers are giving AJ the nod to get the fight finished between rounds 4-6 at +850, which would payout $850 for a $100 bet between those rounds.

While Fury has a higher probability of winning by KO in rounds 7-9. At betting odds of +750, a $100 bet would net you $750.

In the extreme unlikelihood of the fight ending within the first minute, online sportsbooks listed here have give odds of +6500, which’s an implied probability of 1.52%.

To be Knocked Down Odds

Anthony Joshua+134
Tyson Fury+134

Fury and Joshua have been given equal odds of being knocked down in this fight. These plus odds of +134, means you can wager on either boxer at $100 to win $134.

To be Knocked down and win

Anthony Joshua+650
Tyson Fury+500

One of the most intriguing betting props available to bettors is the knockdown and win prop. We’ve seen Anthony Joshua get knocked down in fights before, including against Klitschko, and come back to win. At +650 this offers real betting value, for a $100 bet to payout $650.

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For Tyson Fury who’s never lost a fight, we’ve seen him deal with big punchers such as Deontay Wilder. He was knocked down badly in the first bout and came back to score a draw. If there is one boxer that can fall and rise from the ashes, it’s the “Gypsy King”, with odds of +500, you can bet $100 to win $500.

Now that we’ve covered all the ways you can bet on Fury vs Joshua, you can also check out our comprehensive guide on different types of boxing bets.

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