Oscar De La Hoya vs Vitor Belfort Odds for Sept 11 on Triller

Oscar De La Hoya vs Vitor Belfort
  • Odds: Oscar De La Hoya +100 underdog, Vitor Belfort -140 favorite.
  • Date & Location: Triller on Sept. 11 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Prediction: De La Hoya by Decision.

A boxing exhibition match has been confirmed between two combat sports legends. Boxing’s Hall of Famer Oscar De La Hoya will take on former UFC light heavyweight champion Vitor Belfort. The fight is set for a Triller main event on September 11th. We review the latest betting odds for De La Hoya vs Belfort with an early fight prediction below.

Oscar De La Hoya vs Vitor Belfort Odds

Oscar De La Hoya+100
Vitor Belfort-140

The opening boxing odds are favoring Vitor Belfort, although the MMA legend only has one professional boxing bout under his belt. You can bet on Belfort defeating De La Hoya, by wagering $140 to net $100. Meanwhile, Oscar’s return will come 13 years since his retirement from boxing. His odds are currently even money, (Risk $100, win $100).

These odds are subject to change over the coming weeks and months. For a list of online sportsbooks near you, check out our list of sites here, for the best ones.

Betting Value on De La Hoya

The “Golden Boy of boxing” opened as a slight underdog to Belfort. De La Hoya represented the United States in the 1992 Olympics and brought home gold. In his prime he held wins over Héctor Camacho, Julio César Chávez and Arturo Gatti.

While De La Hoya certainly has his issues outside of the ring, he has managed to get into the business of boxing successfully with Golden Boy Promotions. The itch to return to the ring seemed a possibility in 2020 when De La Hoya said he was interested in fighting Gennady Golovkin and former Golden Boy fighter Canelo Alvarez.

However, an exhibition fight against a non-traditional boxer is a smart move. De La Hoya is now 48 and Belfort is 44, so they are evenly enough matched in that sense. From the recent footage of Oscar training, his movement looks sharp and this could be a problem for Vitor come fight night.

Vitor The Betting Favorite

Considering Belfort only has one professional boxing match and is favored over a decorated boxer like De La Hoya, came as a surprise to many when the odds were released. Belfort made a name for himself in the UFC as “The Phenom”, scoring 12 KO’s during his reign with the orginiaztuon.

Since his retirement from MMA in May 2018, Belfort kept active and in shape. Instead of returning to MMA, he is now giving boxing one for shot against one of the greats. Belfort has real KO power and there is no doubt that De La Hoya will need to keep his head off the centerline in the opening rounds.

It’s clear that Belfort is taking this fight seriously and called it “the biggest fight ever”. Stating that they are both pioneers, one from boxing and the other MMA. That paved the way for future fighters such as Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor to take over their sports.

Vitor Belfort Says He’s Boxing Evander Holyfield After Oscar De La Hoya Bout | TMZ Sports

The Fine Details: De La Hoya vs Belfort

Each round will be two minutes and De La Hoya and Belfort will wear 12-ounce gloves. The Athletic was the first to report the matchup.

De La Hoya praised Triller in a recent statement “game-changing model of reimagining the boxing business as four-quadrant entertainment.”

It’s worth noting that because the match is an exhibition and the rules have yet to be determined, it’s possible that knockout or disqualification may be the only method of victory unless both fighters ultimately agree to include judges into the proceedings as well.

The co-main is set to feature two UFC legends, with Anderson Silva taking on Tito Ortiz, check out our breakdown of the latest Silva vs Ortiz odds.

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