Tim Tszyu vs Michael Zerafa Odds & Predictions

Michael Zerafa vs Tim Tszyu Odds
  • Odds: Tim Tszyu -1370, Michael Zerafa +750 underdog.
  • Tim Tszyu is undefeated and is eying up a world title fight if he wins.
  • Prediction: Tszyu via KO.

Australia’s top upcoming boxer Tim ‘The Soul Snatcher’ Tszyu will take on Junior middleweight Michael ‘Pretty Boy’ Zerafa on July 7th. This all Australian boxing bout is being marketed as the “Biggest Grudge Match” with the winner having a huge impact on the future of global boxing.

Tszyu vs Zerafa Odds

Michael Zerafa+750
Tim Tszyu-1370

According to the latest odds, Michael Zefefa is a sizeable underdog. With an implied win probability of 11%, which tells us he’s been overlooked by some online sportsbooks. For the betting favorite Tim Tszyu, he’s been more active and has 93% implied win probability to retain his undefeated record.

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In terms of who’s taking more risks, Tim is definitely tipping the scale with limited reward but huge losses if he takes an L here. Tim is fighting another domestic fighter in Michael Zerafa, with props to him for clearing out all the local competition. The only downside to this is Tim needs to get his name out there more on the international scene.


Heading into this fight there are multiple positives in Tim’s favor. He has a 77% KO rare compared to Michael’s 60% finish rate. Tim is a fundamentally sound boxer, with sound defense and offense. He’s done an excellent job on honing his craft against fellow Auzzie boxers and I expect this to be the last local name before he makes a splash in the US.

On the other side, you have Michael Zerafa. He is the more experienced boxer with a height advantage. Holding notable wins over Jeff Horn and a controversial loss to Kell Brook (which many had Zerafa winning.)

In terms of activity, Michael didn’t fight in 2020, due to the pandemic. Then returned in March of this year with a first-round KO over Anthony Mundine to go 28-4. It seems that both fighters realize that a win here could project them into a world title fight.

“Tszyu was never my dream, he’s just in the way of it,” said Zerafa, who took up the sport when he was 10.

“My dream was always to fight for a world title and win a world title, reported by RingNews24.

Zerafa has solid power, but I wouldn’t say one punch power when it comes up agaisnt the elite. He has a solid work rate that Tszyu will look to match in the opening rounds. I believe Tszyu’s defence in the opening rounds and solid chin will carry this fight past the midway point. Where Tszyu will look to land the straight right and capitalize on Zerafa’s unpredictable style.

Zerafa has only been stopped once in his career. That being said Tim Tsyzu is a calculated killer and I expect him to score a stoppage between round 7-10.

Tim Tszyu has already come out of the shadow of his father’s legendary name. This fight will prove that even further as he sets his sights on a world title. Overall this should be a fun fight and another great night for Australian boxing.

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