Bo Nickal vs Khamzat Chimaev Odds for Possible Future UFC Fight

Bo Nickal vs Khamzat Chimaev
  • American wrestling sensation Bo Nickal is currently calling out Khazmat Chimaev for a potential future UFC fight, with oddsmakers pricing Nickal as a +250 underdog and Chimaev as a -300 favorite.
  • Bo Nickal won three Big Ten conference championships as a wrestler at Penn State and recently won his first UFC fight in the Dana White Contender series via first round triangle choke.
  • Chimaev looks like the consensus winner on paper in this hypothetical matchup that is gaining plenty of traction in the MMA media world.

Bo Nickal has suddenly exploded onto the UFC scene thanks to his brash comments in the media and his stunning first round victory on the Dana White Contender Series.

Now officially a member of the UFC, Nickal is calling out one of the biggest rising stars in the sport in Khazmat Chimaev for a potential future dream fight between two fighters known for their grappling prowess.

Nickal vs Chimaev Odds

Bo Nickal+250
Khazmat Chimaev-300

Despite some in the MMA community liking Nickal’s chances in a hypothetical meeting with Chimaev, the oddsmakers aren’t so sure as they have the former wrestler priced as the firm +250 underdog.

$100 on Nickal would win $250. Meanwhile, Chimaev is perhaps rightfully priced as the favorite given his resume and would return a $100 profit on a much more sizable $300 bet. Visit these UFC betting sites now to get the best MMA odds & sportsbook apps. Bet99 are one sportsbook offering a $500 welcome bonus for new players.

Chimaev’s Betting Favorite Over Nickal

Chimaev is the favorite in this hypothetical, unscheduled fight due to his longer track record in the UFC. We know Chimaev as a relatively unstoppable force who has yet to be tested in six fights inside the Octagon.

Nickal’s potential advantage in the grappling component of the matchup would neutralize Chimaev’s strengths.

However, we don’t know what we can expect from Nickal in the other aspects of the MMA game as he has yet to prove himself as a striker.

Based on what we know, it is a lot easier to place your faith in Chimaev and his track record than the unknown potential Nickal may or may not possess.

What Can we Expect from Bo Nickal in the UFC?

We can expect plenty of hype, plenty of takedowns and plenty of attention from Bo Nickal in the UFC. Nickal is just a handful of weeks into his UFC run and he is already one of the most talked about fighters in the sport.

Some of that attention is due to the fact Nickal is currently one of the lone young American fighters with unlimited potential. But Nickal also backs it up by having a skillset that has fans excited for more than just what he brings to the table as an interview as his ground game is in the upper echelon of what we have seen in the MMA world.

Nickal has the combination of astute wrestling and natural talent, complimented with a personality to draw in attention that fellow American ground game specialist Chael Sonnen had in his prime.

The question is if Nickal can take the toolbox he has at the start of his career and round out his technique to become one of the all-time greats and a title holder that headlines PPV cards. If Nickal does get his wish and earns a date with Chimaev, we will find out if he is a contender or a pretender very soon.

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