2019-20 Premier League Betting, Week 14 Odds, Prediction and Picks

Week 14 Premier League Odds
  • We preview the latest premier league odds for week 14, with free picks and analysis of who’s up and down after week 13.
  • Everton are 4/1 underdogs as they travel to take on Leicester City who are in second spot.
  • Norwich and Arsenal are priced at 3/1 for the draw.
  • Watford are underdogs as they take on Southampton.

This past weekend’s action in the Premier League saw Sheffield United battle it out against Manchester United to maintain one point, in a 3-3 draw. Mauricio Potticino’s replacement Jose Mourinho’s got off to a decent start at Tottenham with a 3-2 away win over West Ham.

HIGHLIGHTS | Sheffield United vs. Manchester United (Premier League).

Meanwhile at the other end of London Arsenal fans have had enough of Unai Emery with “Emery Out” chants after the gunners drew 2-2 with Southampton. Liverpool and Leicester continued their winning streaks with Manchester City getting back on track with a win over Chelsea. Let’s take a looks at the latest EPL odds for Week 14.

Premier League Odds, November 30

Newcastle vs Manchester City12/17/12/11
Burnley vs Crystal Palace7/511/521/10
Chelsea vs West Ham2/75/19/1
Liverpool vs Brighton1/56/112/1
Tottenham vs Bournemouth3/817/46/1
Southampton vs Watford23/205/223/10
  • Pick: Manchester City.
  • Pick: Burnley.
  • Pick: Chelsea.
  • PickL Liverpool.
  • Pick: Tottenham.
  • Pick: Southampton.

Premier League Odds, December 1

Norwich vs Arsenal14/53/15/6
Wolves vs Sheffield United10/1112/5100/30
Leicester vs Everton7/1014/54/1
Manchester United vs Aston Villa1/2100/3011/2
  • Pick: Arsenal.
  • Pick: Sheffield United.
  • Pick: Leicester.
  • Pick: Manchester United.

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