5 Bad Habits Every Sports Bettor Should Avoid

Every sports bettor, veteran or not, arrives at the venue with high hopes to win the day. All of them make the best betting strategy before the game begins to pick a successful entry to bet on. Aside from that, they have spent many hours researching the wagering games and its categories to not miss any prize at stake. 

Although most bettors have their unique techniques in making a bet, their fate can look different at the end of the day. At times, a newbie bettor triumphs more than a seasoned one. On the other hand, seasoned punters continue to make big money as they bet more. What do you think is the big factor that affects every punter’s victorious betting destiny?

It’s the attitude and habits. Yes, you read that right. Sports betting games such as basketball, football, and horse racing like those held at Pimlico horse racing track offer massive betting games. You can have all the best techniques in the world, but without the right betting attitude, you can never be successful. Hence, below are the bad habits every sports bettor must avoid to win big. 

Not Making Clear Goals 

Many sports fans see sporting events as a hobby. While this is true, sports bettors are investing not only because of entertainment but due to the hefty prizes it brings through the betting games. The wagering categories you can gamble on are easy to play, as long as you know how all of them work. 

When you step inside the sporting venue to bet, the first habit you must avoid is not setting any clear goals. Remember that in everything you do, especially in betting, the only way to earn considerably is to set proper objectives. Understand how much you’d like to lose and earn, the categories you must wager, and the sporting event you need to venture out to. 

Not Doing A Research 

Another bad habit that a sports bettor mostly commits is not doing any research. Although sporting events such as football,  basketball, and golf have the same betting categories, the game rules are different. In this case, you must do your research and understand each team’s and player’s skills throughout the season. 

In horse racing, there is a different approach to follow. Your main goal is to find the entry that does not only finish the race in the first place. Some categories help you win when picking the horse, which can end in second or third place. It is why you need to do proper research because finding successful entries can come challenging. 

Loving The Favorites All The Way 

In sports betting, favorites get all the love from the oddsmaker, but not in sports bettors. Favorites are the teams or players who got the best predictions of odds in winning the game. The bookies are listing them as the favorites because they are the defending champions, did well in the pre-season, or were big winners in the past tournaments.

Most bettors love to back these favorites because they think they’re superior. However, the flow of the game changes depending on the player, team, and venue. When you continue to bet on the favorites, even if their fate is unclear, you will surely lose money. Make sure to weigh your options and avoid betting on the favorites if you think their rival has a greater chance of winning the match. 

Not Managing A Proper Bankroll 

Betting on sports involves a considerable amount of money to gamble. With this, you have to manage your bankroll carefully. The main rule you have to remember in any betting game you are in is wager what you can afford to earn and lose. Do not go over the budget as you might compromise what you currently have. 

Many bettors don’t mind their expenditures. Whether you have a lot or a limited amount, you need to set spending boundaries. Aside from that, ensure that you have secured your needs and wants before you start gambling. Otherwise, you might end up bankrupt. 

Chasing Losses And Making Too Many Bets 

Never chase your losses when betting in sports. It is a gambling game, and your fate can either come as a win or lose. Even if you make the best betting strategies in the world, you might end up losing when the stars do not align to be in your favor.

When you lose many times, learn to sit down and rest. Do not attempt to risk bigger money to gain what you have lost. It puts you in a more dangerous situation. Also, avoid making too many bets. Making two or three sure entries can expand your chances of earning, but doing too much may not help at all. 


Ideally, a successful sports bettor is the one who clearly sets goals and makes an effort to achieve it. He does this by doing research, weighing his options, having a well-managed bankroll, and not chasing his losses. If you have these traits, you are leveraging for profitable sports betting games.

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