Fantasy Premier League 2019/20 Season Betting Props

Fantasy Premier League Betting Odds 2019/20
  • BetOnline give odds on Christian Pulisic becoming Chelsea’s top goalscorer
  • Sergio Aguero’s over/under value has been set at £12m by the Christmas period
  • The oddsmakers favour Raheem Sterling over Sadio Mane for fantasy points

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Alisson v Ederson

Alisson scores more FPL points-115
Ederson scores more FPL points-115

Andrew Robertson vs Trent-Alexander Arnold

Andrew Robertson scores more FPL points-105
Trent-Alexander scores more FPL points-125

Any player to score at least 25 points in a match?


Christian Pulisic to be top Chelsea points scorer?


How many FPL points will Mo Salah get?

Over 251½ Points-115
Under 251½ Points-115

Matches where Harry Kane hits Maximum Bonus Points

Over 5½ Matches-130
Under 5½ Matches+100

Matches where Virgil van Dijk gets Bonus Points

Over 10½ Matches-115
Under 10½ Matches-115

Raheem Sterling vs Sadio Mane

Raheem Sterling scores more FPL points-125
Sadio Mane scores more FPL points-105

What will Aguero be valued at on Christmas Day?

£12m or more-115
Less than £12m-115

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