Liverpool Dominate Leicester – Odds & Free Picks for Week 20

free premier league picks and odds
  • We preview the latest Premier League odds for Week 20.
  • Manchester United are slight favourites as they travel to face Burnley.
  • Arsenal (15/8) will host Chelsea (13/20), a draw last been listed at (11/4).
  • In this weekly preview we will give free picks for the last Premier League games of 2019.

An eventful week of boxing day football, saw Manchester United thump Newcastle 4-1 and Southampton pick up an away win at Stamford Bridge. Liverpool continued their dominant run and extended their to lead to 13-points, after a 4-0 win to Leicester.

HIGHLIGHTS | Manchester United vs. Newcastle United (Premier League).

Looking ahead to week 20, there are plenty of opportunities to parlay some almost certain teams winning with each other. If you need a site to bet on Premier League action, select one of the online sports betting sites from our list.

Premier League Odds, December 28

Brighton vs Bournemouth5/611/416/5
Newcastle vs Everton23/1012/523/20
Southampton vs Crystal Palace19/2013/514/5
Watford vs Aston Villa19/2014/513/5
Norwich vs Tottenham15/416/54/6
West Ham vs Leicester16/53/131/40
Burnley vs Manchester United3/113/510/11
  • Pick: Bournemouth.
  • Pick: Everton.
  • Pick: Southampton.
  • Pick: Watford.
  • Pick: Tottenham.
  • Pick: Leicester.
  • Pick: Manchester United.

Premier League Odds, December 29

Arsenal vs Chelsea15/811/413/8
Liverpool vs Wolves30/1009/29/1
Manchester City vs Sheffield United2/117/112/1
  • Pick: Chelsea.
  • Pick: Liverpool.
  • Pick: Manchester City.

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