Lomachenko vs Lopez Predictions & Betting Props

  • Vasyl Lomachenko and Teofimo Lopez will go down October 17 at MGM Grand, Las Vegas.
  • One betting prop that stands out is – Lomachenko to win insider the distance +108.
  • We give our best bets and fight prediction for Lomachenko vs Lopez below.

One of the biggest boxing bouts in recent lightweight history will take place in the on October 17th. Three time reigning lightweight champion Vasyl Lomachenko (14-1) will go up against the undefeated Teofimo Lopez (15-0).

Fight Prediction for Loma vs Lopez

Vasyl Lomachenko is seen by many as the #1 P4P boxer in the world. He done what was needed to get this fight made, which says alot these days in sports.

Both fighters have 15 professional fights, they have similar records. With the edge going towards Lomachenko in terms of more quality opponents. Lomachenko is a southpaw, Teofimo Lopez has only fought one southpaw in his pro-career, this is a huge x-factor.

Jorge Linares is probably the closest style of boxer that Loma has fought, that is similar to Lopez. Now Lopez is naturally stronger than Linares, who could put Loma down if the straight right connects with precise timing.

Lopez will have a reach advantage, which usually plays a big part. However, expect Loma to use his footwork and make the range not as clear cut. By picking his shots and frustrating the younger fighter at times.

Lopez is 9 years younger than Lomachenko, which is an important stat to take into account. Lopez should not be underestimated, this fight has shades of Canelo taking on Mayweather too early in his career.

Timing is everything in the fight game, could Lopez be catching Loma as he’s just past his prime? if so, this would be a perfect transition for Lopez to capitalize on this. Another edge that Lopez will have, is the size advantage.

There doesn’t appear to be a glaring size difference but he is a large 135-pound boxer, which could play a huge factor in terms of punching power.

Both fighters are coming off the longest lay-offs of their career. Which begs the question, which fighter will be more effected by the lay-off? The younger fighter Lopez or the more experience Lomachenko.

We are going to say this works in Lomachenko’s favour who already has the added fight experience from amateurs and pro’s, while Lopez is young and usually more active – may need more time to adjust in the early rounds.

We expect this fight to be a war, but a very calculated one. Expect Lomachenko darken the flame and hype that is surrounded Lopez right now.

Pick: Lomachenko

Best Bets for Loma vs Lopez

There are some really juicy odds for this fight. We cover all the various method of victory outcomes below, with the best betting props for Lomachenko vs Lopez.

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Lomachenko To Win Inside The Distance +180

Betting on Lomachenko to win within 12-rounds has been priced at +180. Meaning if you bet $180 you could win $100.

Loma has a KO rate of 66%, could Lopez be the one to increase that even more?

Lopez To Win by Ko +500

“El Brooklyn” has been somewhat of a wrecking ball at 135-pounds. 15 fights with 12 KO’s. You can bet on Lopez to win by KO, at these early odds of +500. $100 bet could win you $500.

Lomachenko To Win Round 5 +2000

Round betting on Loma or Lopez to win in a particular round offers real bang for your buck. The 5th round for example Loma has odds of +2000, and Lopez has odds of +4000.

What to Know Prior to Fight Night

No rematch clause: Teofimo Lopez Jr. claimed in a recent interview that “there ain’t no rematch clause” when he takes on Vasiliy Lomachenko, “and I know why.”

No PPV: Both of these fighters deserve tremendous credit for striking a deal and keeping it on ESPN.

All action! Leave a comment below, on who you think will have their hand raised come Oct 17th. Things are heating up in the lightweight division in boxing, up next “Tank” Davis takes on Leo Santa Cruz with odds & predictions covered here.

Teofimo Lopez could face Tank Davis next with odds on that bout released.

8 thoughts on “Lomachenko vs Lopez Predictions & Betting Props

  1. Too close to call, both are great fighters, however the younger Lopez may have the edge because of age alone! I can’t call this one, except to say it probably won’t go the distance!

  2. Loma’s footwork is going to be to much for Teo, he’ll frustrate the hell out of young Teo, who then gets reckless and that’s when Loma’s laser beam body shots will come in.

  3. Loma’s footwork will be to much, he’ll frustrate the hell out of young Teo, who will then get reckless.
    And then Loma’s laser beam body shots will find their target.
    A bit to early for Teo to step into the matrix imho.

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