Edgar Berlanga vs Jason Quigley Odds & Prediction for June 24 in NY

Edgar Berlanga vs Jason Quigley
  • Edgar Berlanga opens as a huge favorite -1300 in the latest boxing odds against Jason Quigley +700.
  • We list the best bets & props for Edgar Berlanga vs Jason Quigley.
  • Can Jason Quigley defy the odds against the fast rising Berlanga in New York? We find out.

Edgar “The Chosen One” Berlanga is gearing up for an exhilarating showdown against Ireland’s “El Animal” Jason Quigley.

This thrilling event is set to take place on June 24 at the esteemed Hulu Theater in New York City’s Madison Square Garden, promising an unforgettable spectacle. Let’s review the latest Berlanga vs Quigley, with the best bets for this super middleweight showdown.

Berlanga vs Quigley Odds

Edgar Berlanga-1300
Jason Quigley+700

The odds for the Berlanga vs. Quigley fight heavily favor Edgar Berlanga at -1300, making him a substantial favorite. On the other hand, Jason Quigley is the underdog with odds of +700.

The implied win probability for Berlanga is approximately 92.8%. This indicates that the US online sportsbooks see him as a significant favorite to win the fight.

Moving on to Jason Quigley (+700), the positive odds indicate that he is the underdog. To calculate the implied win probability: The implied win probability for Quigley is approximately 12.5%. Therefore, a $100 bet on Jason Quigley would potentially yield a profit of $700.

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Edgar Berlanga vs Jason Quigley Odds & Prediction

At just 26 years old, Edgar Berlanga has taken the boxing world by storm. His undefeated record speaks volumes about his dominance inside the ring. Berlanga’s most recent victories showcase his resilience and skill, proving he can go the distance when necessary.

Notably, his victory against Roamer Alexis Angulo displayed his ability to retain the NABO super middleweight title through a unanimous decision.

One of Berlanga’s key strengths is his knockout power – is awe-inspiring, with an impressive 20 knockouts in as many fights. His explosive punches have left opponents bewildered and fans on their feet.

Being a young fighter, Berlanga possesses boundless energy and stamina, allowing him to maintain a relentless offensive onslaught throughout the rounds.

In addition to that Berlanga has sharp defensive skills. Despite his knockout reputation, Berlanga has shown solid defensive techniques, evading punches with swift head movement and footwork.

Although Berlanga has demonstrated incredible potential, he has yet to face a top-tier opponent. This lack of experience against elite fighters might pose a challenge when pitted against someone like Quigley. Another factor Berlanga will have to watch is maintaining the optimal distance between himself and his opponent. Against a tactician like Quigley, this could be exploited if not rectified.

While Jason Quigley suffered a loss to Demetrius Andrade in his most recent outing, it’s essential to recognize his resilience and determination. Quigley’s previous victories and overall career achievements reflect his unwavering spirit inside the squared circle.

Quigley is a skilled technician, utilizing precise footwork and a solid jab to dictate the pace of the fight. His technical finesse allows him to create openings and exploit opponent vulnerabilities. Jason’s ability to counter effectively has caught many opponents off guard. He patiently waits for an opening and then unleashes a devastating counter, capable of turning the tide of the fight.

Lastly in Quigley’s favor is his championship experience. Having competed for the WBO middleweight title against Andrade, Quigley possesses valuable championship experience that could prove vital in high-pressure situations.

One of the main deciding factors in betting on this fight is that Quigley has shown a susceptibility to powerful punches in the past, as demonstrated in his loss to Andrade. Berlanga’s knockout power could exploit this weakness if Quigley fails to address it effectively.

Ultimately, while Berlanga’s explosive power presents a significant threat, Quigley’s championship experience and technical proficiency provide him with a fighting chance. As the underdog, Quigley’s determination and skill make for an enticing bet at +700 odds. That being said, I can see Berlanga getting the victory here within the first 3-4 rounds by TKO/KO.

Betting Pick: Berlanga

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