Errol Spence Jr vs Danny Garcia Predictions & Betting Props

  • Spence Jr vs Garcia will go down Dec 5, at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, the home of the Dallas Cowboys.
  • Our betting prop of the night is Spence wining by Decision listed at -125.
  • Below we cover the best bets for Spence Jr vs Garcia.

The highly anticipated Spence vs Garcia bout has been moved to Dec 5 with fans. This will be the first major boxing bout since the pandemic to welcome back crowds.

With that, bettors will be looking for some tips come fight night, so here we go with our early predictions.

Fight Prediction for Errol Spence Jr vs Danny Garcia

Danny Garcia goes into this fight as the underdog, he has been a champion in two weight classes and is still fighting the best of the best.

His only two losses come at the hands of elite boxers in Keith Thurman by split decision and Shawn Porter by unanimous decision. Porter gave both Garcia and Spence a tough fight, with Garcia probably giving Spence the tougher challange.

Looking at how Errol Spence’s step-back and counter technique to catch former opponents. Will be essential when facing Garcia, and could cause Garcia some problems. One way Garcia can capitalize on Spence’s movement – is if he leans back and is off balance, he can catch him and score a knockdown.

Danny Garcia’s edge comes with experience in this fight. Garcia has the chin to take Spence’s shots, just like Porter did – so he will need volume to outwork Garcia.

Combination punching will be key in this fight. If Garcia want’s to avoid getting countered by Spence, he will have to set the stage early in the fight and get Spence’s respect.

Both fighters have had a long layoff due to the pandemic and Spence even longer due to an accident in 2019. We don’t know the car accident could impact Errol Spence’s performance, it was a miraculous recovery but perhaps too soon to be back in there with the top dogs?

Whether Spence even performs at 80%, we still see him having a speed and technique advantage over Danny Garcia. We’re expecting this fight to be an absolute cracker from round one.

Pick: Errol Spence Jr

Best Bets Spence vs Garcia

Betting on the moneyline in boxing is the simplest way to bet, but the profits aren’t as large when you drill down into specific prop bets. When odds were originally released last year, Spence was a -600 favorite, now he’s averaging around -400.

Errol Spence via Decision -125

The oddsmakers are favoring this fight to go the distance. Partially due to Danny Garcia’s durability, you can bet $125 on Spence to win by decision to net $100.

Errol Spence via KO +225

We know Errol Spence has KO power from using his speed and timing. At odds of +225, a $100 bet would make a profit of $225.

Danny Garcia via KO +800

Danny Garcia blew up across the world when he TKO’d Amir Khan. Since then he’s faced tough opponents and is a solid boxer with his feet planted. At these opening odds of +800, you can bet $100 to win $800.

Leave a comment below, on who you think will have their hand raised come Dec 5th!

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