Latest Anderson Silva vs Jake Paul Odds & Prediction for Oct 29

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva
  • The latest boxing odds have Anderson Silva -210 vs Jake Paul -225.
  • Global superstar influencer turned novelty undefeated boxing attraction, Jake Paul returns to the ring on October 29 against his toughest opponent to date.
  • Let’s review the latest Paul vs Silva odds with a fight prediction. The fight will take place in the Gila River Arena in Phoenix on October 29th

MMA legend Anderson Silva is stepping up to attempt to humble Paul and hand the celebrity boxer his first defeat. October’s blockbuster fight will be the first time in nearly a year Paul has competed in boxing.

Silva vs Paul Odds

Anderson Silva+210
Jake Paul-225

According to the latest boxing odds, unlike Paul’s previous fights, the headliner is the betting underdog. Jake Paul is priced as high as a -225 favorite at BetMGM while Anderson ‘Spider’ Silva can be found as a -210 underdog at his best price over at these boxing betting sites.

Barring big money coming in on a particular fighter, the odds for this fight should stay around a pick ’em price for both Paul and Silva. Giving bettors an opportunity at a nice return for their preferred fighter on the night.

Now, Paul finally has an opponent against a more than evenly matched foe in a fight that will have both casual and diehard combat sports fans tuned in to see what happens when the celebrity faces an MMA striking icon.

Jake Paul & Anderson Silva have the most respectful press conference ever

Silva vs Paul Prediction

The resumes of Paul and Silva are a stark contrast to one another. Paul is short on experience, with less than five years as a boxer and a professional career of just under three years. Meanwhile, Silva has been active in fighting since 1997 as one of the greatest fighters in MMA history with a 3-1 pro boxing record that includes his 2021 win over Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

Paul himself considers Silva one of his idols and one of the greatest strikers in the history of combat sports. Which makes it easy to say that Paul will be tested by Silva in a way he wasn’t against Tyron Woodley, Ben Askren and Nate Robinson.


This isn’t a fight between Paul and a ground specialist MMA fighter, it is a fight against one of the most fluid stand-up fighters to ever do it. Paul’s technique and skill will be proven as legit or phony in one way or another based on how he stands up to a living legend.

The one thing going against Silva is the one thing you cannot defeat: time. Silva is rather old at this point and is a firm 47 years of age. It is to be expected that Silva will be a lot slower than what fight fans remember from even his final days in the UFC when he steps into the ring on October 29.

Still, it is impossible for me to back Paul against one of the greatest all-time fighters. Age is just a number and class is permanent and despite the clear physical disadvantage he will face, Silva should outbox and out-technique Paul on his way to an at minimum split decision victory.

Realistically this is a win-win situation for “The Problem Child” even if he can cruise to a decision loss against a martial arts great like “The Spider”

Betting Pick: Silva by Decision.


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