Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou Odds for ‘Hybrid’ Fight in 2023

Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou Odds
  • Baddest Man on the planet odds: Tyson Fury -1500 favorite vs Francis Ngannou +750 underdog.
  • Fury suggests a boxing bout against Ngannou with MMA gloves for this hybrid fight.
  • Ngannou is a free agent in 2023 to leave the UFC for this huge payday.

Tyson Fury defeated Dillian Whyte within six rounds to retain the WBC Heavyweight title. Immediately after the fight UFC heavyweight champion, Francis Nganoouu made his presence known by entering the ring.

The idea of a hybrid fight was announced with Fury claiming he’s retired from boxing but is open to exhibition fights in the near future. We review the latest odds for Fury vs Ngannou below.

Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou Odds

Tyson Fury-1500
Francis Ngannou+750

“The Gypsy King” is a huge betting favorite for a future hybrid bout against UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou. Fury has an implied win probability of 93.7% for defeating “The Predator”. This would be Ngannou ‘s first time outside of the realm of MMA taking on Fury, with odds of +750 you can bet $100 to net $750 on the chance of a huge upset here.

Heavyweight Champions Collide

Tyson Fury has always entertained cross-over fights but has yet to take one yet. Aside from fighting Usky and maybe Joshua next, there aren’t a tone of challenges left for “The Gypsy King” in boxing. Fury is no stranger to taking on “big punchers”, he’s coming off his second win over Deontay Wilder, who is easily the hardest hitter in the heavyweight division.

BREAKING! Tyson Fury & Francis Ngannou AGREE to a Boxing Fight (Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou)

Fury and Ngannou are two of combats sport’s greatest heavyweight fighters who have been connected for a future exhibition fight. Fury who’s a boxer has welcomed Ngannou to the ring, while Ngannou returned the challenge with his own challenge inside the octagon. In a time when super fights are the rage, this would be a sight to behold.

The opening odds for Fury vs Ngannou seem fair, Fury is still in his prime and has proven himself against the hardest hitters in the division. For Ngannou, boxing is such a different beast to transfer over from MMA to. In his last UFC title unification bout against elite kickboxer Cyril Gane, Ngannou decided to take a wrestling approach later in the fight as he wasn’t having as much success standing and trading.

Earlier in Fury’s boxing career, he wasn’t known as a big puncher. However, he’s now finished three of his last four opponents and has developed a style that can really smother you. Chances are Fury will bring his charisma to this exhibition bout and even the WWE again as the gates open for him in this post-retirement life.

Dana White Open to Ngannou Leaving UFC

“Who would like to see me fight this beast boxing rules, UFC gloves?” Fury wrote, tagging the UFC, UFC President Dana White, and Ngannou in the tweet. A little over two hours later, Ngannou responded, suggesting that they flip around the conditions.

“How about MMA rules with boxing gloves?” Ngannou wrote. “I can do you that favor.”

Francis Ngannou’s recent relation with UFC president Dana White seems tainted, to say the least. Dana made comments that Ngannou can leave the UFC if he wants.

“Look, if you want to be with us, we’d love to have you. If you don’t want to be with us, no problem. It’s all good,” White claimed. “I think his contract, and this is off the top of my head, if he wins he still has time with us after this fight. He’d probably have one more fight.”

For Ngannou to take this fight he would have to not be under UFC contract anymore, which expires in 2023. Could the risk be worth the reward? I believe so, as there is nothing stopping his return to the UFC after taking this hybrid fight.

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