MLB Futures & Opening World Series Odds for 2021

2021 World Series Odds
  • MLB futures odds are live for next season’s World Series.
  • The Dodgers are priced at +500, being favored to repeat their World Series win in 2021.
  • Other favorites for the 2021 World Series include the New York Yankees +600, Braves +1200 and White Sox +1100.

As the dust settles from a memorable Dodgers World Series win, betting sites are already looking ahead to next season. Let’s take an early preview of how the odds, favorites and longshots for next season are shaping up.

2021 Odds to win the World Series

MLB TeamOdds
Los Angeles Dodgers+500
New York Yankees+600
Atlanta Braves+1200
Chicago White Sox+1100
San Diego Padres+1100
Cincinnati Reds+1600
Oakland Athletics+1600
Cleveland Indians+2000
Minnesota Twins+2000
Chicago Cubs+2500
Houston Cubs+2500
Houston Astros+2500
New York Mets+2500
Philadelphia Phillies+3000
St. Louis Cardinals+3000
Washington Nationals+3000
Los Angeles Angels+3000
Boston Red Sox+4000
Milwaukee Brewers+4000
Toronto Blue Jays+4000
Detroit Tigers+5000
Miami Marlins+5000
Arizona Diamondbacks+6000
Baltimore Orioles+6000
Kansas City Royals+6000
San Francisco Giants+6000
Colorado Rockies+7000
Seattle Mariners+8000
Texas Rangers+8000
Pittsburgh Pirates+10000

The Favorites

Below are the latest favorite teams for the 2020/21 MLB season. Our picks are The Dodgers, Yankees & White Sox. If you a looking for a destination to wager, these Michigan online sportsbooks have a great selection of sites and locations.

The LA Dodgers +500

The top MLB public bet has been going on the LA Dodgers, with 54% betting on the 2020 World Series winners. At these opening odds of +500, you can bet $100 to net $500 on The Dodgers repeating this past season.

New York Yankees +600

The Yankees World Series odds are +600, which gives them the second best chance in the league. After another strong season, the oddsmakers are confident that reenergized Yankees team can go all the way.

It’s important to that free agency will have a huge impact on all the teams and their odds. For the Yankees key players such as DJ LeMahieu and Masahiro Tanaka are vital to the Bronx.

Chicago White Sox +1200

While the White Sox eye up a new manager, Former Houston Astros manager AJ Hinch seems like the most likely candidate for the role.

This young White Sox team are listed at +1200 to win the 2021 World Series. With works out to be a $1200 profit on a $100 wager.

The Longshots

The MLB field leaves a huge range of teams that are real contenders for the the World Series next season. Let’s take a look at these long shots that could bide for contention in 2021.

Cleveland Indians +2000

Cleveland’s MLB odds for the World Series offer great value if you’re a fan. While a trade for Francisco Lindor seems imminent, as reported by MLB Trade Rumors.

Houston Astros +2500

The Astro’s are much further down the list than we expected. This could be a sweet spot for a team that put on a good post-season. At odds of +2500, a $100 wager could net you $2500 on The Houston Astros.

Philadelphia Phillies +3000

Word on the street is, the Dodgers winning the World Series is good news for Philly Fans? At odds of +3000, it’s certainly an enticing futures bet.

Who is most likely to win the World Series 2021?

The five favorites to take home the title are:
Dodgers +500
Yankees +600
White Sox +1100
Padres +1100
Braves +1200

How do I bet on the 2021 World Series?

Betting on MLB futures can be a great way of obtaining early market odds for opening betting lines. Once you decide on a wager amount, simply select the team and multiply it by the odds offered.

Where can I bet on the World Series?

There are numerous sports betting sites available for US and Worldwide customers. Visit our recommended list of sportsbooks, to find the ones that offer the best MLB betting odds for the season. Signing up is a simple process.

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