Conor McGregor +800 To Win Inside 60 Seconds at UFC 257

Conor McGregor UFC 257
  • Betting odds on Conor McGregor defeating Dustin Poirier inside 60 seconds are listed at +800.
  • The brash Irishman made this prediction earlier in the week and it’s now one of many UFC props you can bet on.

UFC 257 is only a few sleeps away and with that online betting sites are releasing more UFC props for fans to bet on. We preview all the best ways you can bet on UFC 257 below.

Gone In 60 Seconds – UFC 257 Odds

UFC PropOdds
Conor McGregor To Win In 60 Seconds+800
Dustin Poirier To Win in 60 Seconds+1600
Either To Win In 60 Seconds+700

At these odds of +800, you can bet $100 to win $800 on Conor McGregor winning within 60 seconds at UFC 257.

60 seconds might be a bit of a stretch to KO Dustin Poirier. Yet, it wouldn’t be the most shocking thing the “Notorious” one has done inside the cage. If you are looking for a straight-up moneyline wager at UFC 257, check out the latest McGregor vs Poirier 2 odds here.

McGregor holds a 1 minute 46-second win over Poirier from their first fight back at UFC 178. Leading up to the fight, McGregor made his bold prediction and amount of time for their matchup.

UFC 257 Countdown: Conor McGregor “I’ll Knock Dustin Out Inside 60 Seconds”

Best UFC 257 Prop Bets

UFC PropOdds
Conor McGregor To Win, Land The Most Takedowns & Land Most Significant Strikes+500
Dustin Poirier To Win, Land The Most Takedowns & Land Most Significant Strikes+1000
McGregor To Win Via Kick+1200
McGregor To Win Via Punches-175
McGregor To Win Via Elbow+2800
Poirier To Win Via Kick+1800
Poirier To Win Via Punches+500
Poirier To Win Via Elbow+3300

What I like about these prop bets is the selection it gives for how the fight will end. McGregor’s bread and butter are his hands, but we’ve seen him use his shoulder against Donald Cerrone and then an explosive high kick.

Likewise, Dustin Poirier is a fluid boxer that has impressive knees from the clinch. We’ve seen him finish fighters such as Justin Gaethje and Eddie Alvarez, could Conor fall into Poirier’s plan and lose in the later rounds?

Looking for some extra advice before betting, then check out these UFC 257 predictions for McGregor vs Poirier 2.

Conor McGregor Interview with Ariel Helwani

What Round Will The Fight End?

UFC PropOdds
Round 1+150
Round 2+333
Round 3+700
Round 4+1000
Round 5+1800
Score Card+300

Round betting on UFC fights can be an excellent way to increase your bankroll. That way you don’t have to pick a fighter, simply a round the fight ends in. McGregor is confident this will be wrapped up in the 1st round.

Personally, I see this being a little more competitive with McGregor scoring a late 2nd or 3rd round victory. The odds for a 2nd round win, are currently +333, bet $100 to win $333. For the 3rd round, you can bet $100 to win $700.

As the fight goes on these odds increase. Finally, the odds of a decision win to either fighter is +300, bet $100 to win $300.

Check out our full guide for more UFC prop bets at UFC 257. Who do you think will have their hand raised at UFC 257, McGregor or Poirier? Comment below!

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