Super Bowl 2021: Odds Updates and Predictions for Fantasy NFL

Super Bowl 2021

This year’s NFL format gives a whole lot of new adventure. With the NFL playoff expanding from 12 teams to 14, two teams are now getting losses and there are now six Wild Card games rather than four. Across the country, bettors are now analyzing the 2021 NFL Odds looking for the best betting values.

Packers and Chiefs will have to wait until another playoff to begin their postseason game. They are the two favorites from the latest Super Bowl Odds.

On the other hand, Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs are the favorites for winning Super Bowl 55. The other five quarterbacks entered the postseason for Super Bowl Champions. Four of them are from the NFC bracket, one of them is from the AFC,  Ben Roethlisberger. 

This season the league added a third wild-card spot in each conference. This means the 12 teams will compete in an epic playoff first weekend, while the Chiefs and Packers will have to wait for their divisional-round opponent. So who do you think will take the victory? Will the Chiefs find a new way to gear over the final weeks of the season? Will Aaron Rodgers keep his MVP-level tour de force? 

Betting on the NFL future is all about knowing the best value. So, before you make your 2021 Super Bowl predictions and pick rosters, might as well check out the 2021 NFL Playoff picks.

Super Bowl Prediction

Buffalo vs. Seattle

Seattle Seahawks and the Buffalo Bills make their highlights to make successful runs to the Super Bowl.

Buffalo has not been defeated since the Arizona Cardinals Week 10. If you take away the result, the Buffalo Bills have not lost to the Kansas City Chiefs since Week 6.

One of the best quarterback-wide formed is Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs, the receiver duos in the NFL. These duos became a challenge to Mahomes and Tyreek Hill. 

2021 NFL Playoff odds

AFC Winners:

Browns +2500

Colts +1800

Titans +1500

Steelers +1000

Ravens +550

Bills+ 350

Chiefs -120

2021 Super Bowl odds

Washington +8000

Bears +8000

Browns +5000

Colts +4000

Titans +3000

Rams +2800

Steelers +2000

Seahawks +1200

Ravens +1100

Buccaneers +1000

Saints +750

Bills +700

Packers +450

Chiefs +190

There is a clear vision for a handful of other teams. The favored ones are the Ravens, and the Bills are the fierce team in football today. But that alone can’t surpass Mahomes in the AFC. It may sound too good to be true, but Mahomes is inevitable. He may come as a tiebreaker between the Chiefs and the teams that play close behind them.

In the NFC, the Saints and Buccaneers are the teams with the best cases. Meanwhile, there is massive speculation that the Packers don’t. Brees’s average performance intended yards figure nearly half a yard shorter than the previous year when short passes were thrown and his health was compromised. He suffered a punctured lung and multiple broken ribs, 

Kansas City is also unmatched in its ability to play in every angle and style of game. Whether the Chiefs aim to play a slow-em-down or go on a full forced tempo on their way down the field, Reid and Mahomes have displayed an ability to reign supreme. There can be no lead that is safe to go against this team.

Last year, the Jets didn’t make it to the playoff, but they could be the biggest winner of the wild-card round because the Seahawks lost. 

Why does it matter? 

The Jets have Seattle’s 2021 first-round pick made possible by the Jamal Adams trade. Had the Seahawks won over the weekend, the Jets pick could have been in the high-20s. However, the Rams did the Jets a favor and won over Seattle, which means the Jets will be getting the overall 23rd pick.


TEAM                                                                                Odds

Kansas City Chiefs                                                        +200

Green Bay Packers                                                       +400

New Orleans Saints                                                     +600

Buffalo Bills                                                                     +550

Baltimore Ravens                                                         +800

Tampa Bay Buccaneers                                              +800

L.A Rams Rams                                                              +1800

Cleveland Browns                                                        +2500 

The Wild Card Round

Ravens-Titans and Steelers-browns are the two teams that are seemed figured out and are able to run at will even with the Titans’ defense. Some choose Ravens because they appear to be picking their stride. Ravens offense is far more organized with Lamar Jackson playing the football and the defense is still performing at his best. His rock-solid play is shutting down Derrick Henry and the Titans’ offense will be tough as ever before. 

There are four more spots are to be decided after the divisional round, and those spots would be included with the losing team this weekend. 


Although it’s relatively early to tell, it’s clear whose top teams are going to reign. Online bettors find it challenging to predict but placing wagers on NFL Future odds can be done any given Sunday and even any other day. For the most reasonable, the primary betting lines are based on the team’s current perception after the previous season, and that’s where the best value is made.

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