Kai Kara-France vs Amir Albazi Odds & Prediction for UFC Vegas 74

Kai Kara-France vs Amir Albazi
  • Amir Albazi is favored at -120 over Kara-France at even money +100 for UFC on ESPN 46.
  • Will Amir Albazi go 5-0 in the UFC or will Kara-France upset the odds?
  • See our betting prediction for Amir Albazi and Kai Kara-France below.

Kai “Don’t Blink” Kara-France and Amir “The Prince” Albazi are set to headline UFC Vegas on June 3. Following a loss to Brandon Moreno, Kara-France aims to recover and resume his winning streak, which included three consecutive victories and a knockout against former UFC bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt.

Albazi is currently on a five-fight winning streak, maintaining an unblemished 4-0 record in the UFC, where he has secured three of his victories by knockout or submission. Lets jump right into the latest UFC Vegas 74 odds for Kara-France vs Albazi.

Kara-France vs Albazi Odds

Kai Kara-France+100
Amir Albazi-120

Amir Albazi is listed as the favorite with odds set at -120, it means that you would need to wager $120 to potentially win $100 if he wins the fight. The implied win probability of 54.5% suggests that oddsmakers believe Albazi has a slightly higher chance of winning compared to Kara-France.

Kara-France’s odds indicates that he is the underdog in this matchup. A bet on Kara-France at +100 means that for every $100 wagered, you would potentially win $100 if he emerges victorious. The implied win probability of 50% suggests that oddsmakers consider Kara-France to have an equal chance of winning and losing.

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Kai Kara-France vs Amir Albazi Prediction

Kai Kara-France, hailing from New Zealand, has established himself as a formidable force in the UFC flyweight division. With a professional record of 24 wins and 10 losses and 1 no-contest, Kara-France combines a solid striking arsenal with good takedown defense.

Known for his quick hands and knockout power, he has the ability to end fights abruptly. Kara-France’s striking accuracy and ability to create angles give him an advantage in stand-up exchanges. However, he has occasionally struggled with opponents who possess a strong ground game and grappling prowess.

Amir Albazi, representing Sweden, is a talented flyweight with an impressive record of 16 wins and only 1 loss. Albazi is a well-rounded fighter, known for his technical grappling and submission skills.

His background in wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, he has the ability to take the fight to the ground and control his opponents. Albazi’s striking has also improved over time, making him a more complete fighter. His ability to seamlessly transition between striking and grappling creates difficulties for his opponents.

Kara-France’s path to victory lies in his striking prowess and ability to keep the fight standing. If he can effectively utilize his quick hands, maintain distance, and avoid being taken down, he has a good chance of landing significant strikes and potentially securing a knockout victory.

On the other hand, Albazi will likely look to exploit Kara-France’s vulnerabilities on the ground. If he can successfully take the fight to the mat and implement his grappling skills, Albazi can work towards a submission or control the fight through ground-and-pound.

Kai Kara-France’s strength is in his striking. Kara-France boasts a higher strikes landed per minute (SLpM) at 4.70 and possesses knockout power with a solid striking accuracy of 40%.
He has a respectable striking defense of 64%, indicating his ability to evade and block incoming strikes. Kara-France has shown excellent takedown defense, successfully defending 87% of his opponents’ takedown attempts.

Given his striking prowess and knockout power, Kara-France’s most likely chance of victory would be by a knockout or technical knockout. With his high strikes landed per minute and striking accuracy, he has the potential to overwhelm his opponent with a barrage of strikes and secure a stoppage.

For Amir Albazi his strength lyes in grappling. Albazi excels in the grappling department, with a significantly higher takedown average at 2.47 per 15 minutes and a higher takedown accuracy of 50%.
Submission: He has an impressive submission average of 0.8 per 15 minutes, indicating a strong ability to control the fight on the ground and seek submissions.

While Albazi’s striking accuracy is slightly higher at 43%, his SLpM is lower at 3.54, suggesting a potential disadvantage in striking exchanges. Albazi’s takedown defense stands at 66%, indicating some vulnerability to being taken down.

Considering Albazi’s grappling and submission skills, his most likely chance of victory would be by a submission. With his high takedown average and submission average, Albazi could look to take the fight to the ground, control his opponent, and potentially secure a submission finish.

As for the betting odds, it’s important to consider each fighter’s recent performances and styles. While Kara-France has shown his striking prowess, I see Albazi’s well-rounded skill set and grappling abilities make him a dangerous opponent for Kara-France givining him the edge at UFC Vegas 74.

Betting Pick: Amir Albazi

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