NBA Eastern Conference Odds & Predictions for 2020/21

  • NBA futures odds for the Eastern Conference are live.
  • The Bucks are the favoites +225, while Miami Heat are +600.
  • We give our early predictions for the favorites and longshots for next season.

Conference odds for the 2021 season available to bet on, first off we will focus on the East. While last season’s finalists The Heat are fourth favorites, are they being disrespected by the oddsmakers? Let’s find out.

Odds to win Eastern Conference

NBA TeamOdds
Milwaukee Bucks+225
Boston Celtics+450
Brooklyn Nets+500
Miami Heat+600
Toronto Raptors+700
Philadelphia 76ers+1000
Indiana Pacers+3000
Atlanta Hawks+3000
Chicago Bulls+3000
Washington Wizards+3000
Orlando Magic+6000
Cleveland Cavaliers+12000
Detroit Pistons+12000
New York Knicks+12000
Charlotte Hornets+20000

These are roughly estimated odds from online sportsbooks. Given that the NBA draft and free agency are still to come. We really can’t say don’t exactly which teams will make major waves on the trade market.

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The Favorites

Despite an early playoff exit, Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks top of the early odds to win the East. Followed closely by the Boston Celtics, The Celtics odds are listed at +400 to win the East. Meaning you can bet $100 to net $400.

According to the latest odds, Giannis is listed as second favorite to the 2021 NBA MVP.

The Brooklyn Nets are our hot NBA betting tip for next season. If The Nets don’t win the East, expect them to make a statement come the playoffs. The Heat put up a good showing against The Lakers in the finals. However bookies are not as red hot on them as you might think. At +600, you can bet $100 on Miami to profit $600.

Rounding off the early favorites for the east is the Toronto Raptors, their opening odds are averaging out around +700. Meaning you can bet $100 to net $700.

The Toronto Raptors have been linked in rumors for nearly two years with Milwaukee Bucks superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo. The “Greek Freak” is a free agent in 2021, and he is sure to create a bidding war throughout the NBA for his services next summer.

The Longshots

After spending a decade-plus continuously reinventing the Rockets, Daryl Morey is headed to the Sixers to try and breathe new life into the core his former protégé assembled. A fresh change for the 76ers, with odds of +1000 to win the eastern conference.

While a deal seems unlikely between Indiana Pacers trading Victor Oladipo wih the Milwaukee Bucks. The Pacers certainly have enough fire power to cause and upset in the East. Their current odds are listed at +3000, which works out to be a $3000 profit on a $100 wager.

Who is the favorite to win the NBA Eastern Conference?

The Milwaukee Bucks are the favorites to win the East in 2021. At odds of +225, you can bet $100 to net $225.

How to bet on teams winning the Eastern Conference playoffs?

If you want to bet on the NBA playoffs, simply open an account and deposit money via a recommended online sportsbook. At Betting Insider Journal we have complied a list of these sites to help with that.

2021 NBA Finals Odds to Win

There a number of early bets available for teams to win the finals. We have a full breakdown of the NBA Title odds here.

  • LA Lakers: +350
  • LA Clippers: +400
  • Bucks: +500
  • GS Warriors: +600
  • Nets: +900
  • Heat: +900
  • Celtics: +1200
  • Raptors: +1600
  • Nuggets: +2000
  • Mavericks: +2200

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