Betting Smart: Maximize Your Chances of Winning On The 2023 Kentucky 

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The 149th Kentucky Derby is fast approaching, and many bettors have started to plan how to make the most out of the horse racing event and maximize their profit. If you are a bettor who wants to make the right choices for this year’s Kentucky Derby, you must start to bet smart. 

Betting intelligently means you become a more responsible bettor by making smart decisions to benefit you. If you want to become a smart bettor, you must bet with your mind and not with your heart. 

If you want to become a better and smarter bettor, these tips below can help you become one:

Do Your Homework

Bettors with enough knowledge about horse race betting are often the most successful in this activity. If you want to bet smart to increase your chance of profiting from your wagers, you must make time and do your research. 

Researching isn’t only for beginners. Even seasoned bettors should continue researching and learning about horse race betting. For instance, since it’s almost time for the 2023 Kentucky Derby, it would help you choose the proper contender to bet on if you do your research. 

Look up as much vital information about the Kentucky Derby contenders that will help you figure out which horse will give you the most profit. All the necessary information you will need is already available online, making your research more convenient and fast.

When doing your research, you shouldn’t only read race records of the horses, but you must also watch videos of their previous races. Seeing how the horses perform with your own eyes is much better than reading about it from another person’s perspective. 

Bet Online

Betting for the Kentucky Derby in person, at Churchill Downs, or at other betting locations worldwide can be fun. It provides excellent excitement as you get to watch the race with other spectators and bettors who will increase the thrill and the hype you’ll be experiencing. 

If you want to become a smart bettor, you must focus on profiting more. Online betting sites offer better odds than land-based sportsbooks, giving you a higher return. For example, your online bets will yield better profit than land-based bets. 

Additionally, online betting sites offer bonuses to their users. If you register on their website, you will be given a signup bonus that you can use to bet for the 2023 Kentucky Derby. It means you can maximize your bets using your signup bonus. 

Start looking for the best online betting site to bet on the 2023 Kentucky Derby lineup as early as now. By doing so, you have enough time to find the site that can provide you with the best betting odds. 

Avoid Overspending 

A part of being a smart bettor is learning how to manage your bankroll to avoid overspending. Most bettors who tend to overspend on horse race betting are beginners. However, seasoned bettors can still overspend when betting.

To avoid overspending on the upcoming Kentucky Derby race, you first need to set a bankroll. A budget plays a crucial role if you want to claim substantial returns. You must create a specific amount you will set aside for betting for the Kentucky Derby and never exceed that amount. 

Bettors often overlook setting a strict budget, but it’s the most significant tip you must follow if you want to become a successful sports bettor. It applies to any sport that you want to bet on. If you still have no established bankroll for your betting needs, this is the right time to start creating one. 

Determine The Solid, False, and Weak Favorite

When picking the best horse to bet on this Kentucky Derby race, you must know how to spot a weak, solid, and false favorite. It has been a bettor’s initial thought to look for the race’s favorite when picking a horse to bet on. 

There’s nothing wrong with doing so, but you mustn’t also forget to identify the weak favorite. A horse who acquired one or two points is considered a weak favorite. Those who acquired three or more points are the false favorite. Meanwhile, absolute solid favorites are those horses who didn’t acquire a point. 

Weak favorites are the best horses to bet on using exotic bets, and solid favorites are best to bet in pick three or six. False favorites, on the other hand, should be eliminated entirely from your list and the contenders that you should bet against. 

When identifying what kind of favorite a horse is, you mustn’t just rely on the points given. Using your intuition and the information you gathered from your research would be more beneficial. 

In Conclusion

Betting smart is the best betting approach for this 2023 Kentucky Derby to increase your chance of picking the right horse to give you the best return. If you don’t know how to become an intelligent bettor, you can begin your transformation by following the tips provided, and you’ll see the difference.

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