Premier League title race betting odds: Liverpool vs. Man City expected to do down to the wire

Liverpool Man City Outright Winner Odds Premier league Betting

Manchester City and Liverpool are neck and neck at the top of the English Premier League. Man City have the upper foot with 80 points and a 62 goal difference, whereas Liverpool have 79 points and 53 goal difference. The experience is on Man City’s squad, as always Liverpool are still looking for that long obtained Premier League title.

Liverpool head to head against Man City’s upcoming fixtures

Liverpool will pretty much have to win every single remaining fixture, meanwhile Man City could afford a draw but overall the mentality will be win every game from here to the end of the season. Below are the latest premier league odds with six games left to play each.

Premier League Title Race Odds: Liverpool – Man City

  • Liverpool: 7/4
  • Man City: 4/9

In terms of betting on the outright winner for this years Premier League, Man City are at 4/9, if you were to wager 100 you would get 140 return. Whereas Liverpool at 4/9 would pay 275 for a 100 bet.

Man City defeated Cardiff comfortable 2-0 today, City’s next few fixtures will be testing even more testing than Liverpool’s, with Tottenham at home and away to Man Utd. Pep Guardiola is set to rest Sergio Aguero so that he is fit for Tottenham game onwards.

Liverpool’s next fixtures are away to Southampton on Friday and at home to weakened Chelsea, which they will be looking to capitalize on.

Premier League Title Race: 1. Liverpool (79 Pts) 2.Manchester City (77): Who will WIN EPL? | ESPN FC

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