Opening Odds for Manny Pacquiao vs Terence Crawford for June 5

  • Odds: Manny Pacquiao +200 underdog, Terence Crawford -300 favorite.
  • TopRank has informed ESPN & pay-per-view distributors to save the date for this potential fight.
  • Who’s the A-side, “Pac Man” or “Bud”? We find out.

A huge boxing fight is in the works, as this report suggests there are ongoing talks for the current divisional top dog; Terence “Bud” Crawford vs the legendary Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao in Abu Dhabi in the Middle East on June 5.

Pacquiao vs Crawford Odds

Manny Pacquiao+200, 2/1
Terence Crawford-300, 1/3

Manny Pacquiao opens as a +200 prohibitive underdog, bet $100 to win $200 with a win over Terence Crawford. For the betting favorite Terence Crawford, “Bud” has an implied win probability of 75%, bet $300 to net $100.

The chances of a draw occurring have been listed at +2200, bet $100 to win $2200 on that probable outcome. I expect fans to put money on Pacquiao which could balance out the moneyline to make it more appealing to bet on Crawford.

Next up for Manny is Spence Jr, the opening odds were released for Pacquiao vs Spence here. With the older legend opening as a +350 underdog.

Who’s the A side?

This is the fight boxing needs right now. You have the seven-time multiple weight world champion Manny Pacquiao taking on arguably the number one pound-for-pound boxer in the world right now, Terence Crawford.

In terms of promoting this fight, TopRank and ESPN will side towards giving Crawford the push to become the A-side over Pacquiao. At the same time, this is a dangerous fight for Crawford, who should be expected to dominate Pacquiao at 42 years of age. A win over Pac Man is what Crawford needs at this stage of his career to cement his place among the great welterweights of the modern era.

Since Terence Crawford fought Kell Brook, we found out that a fight against Pacquiao had already been in discussion for the Middle East.

Pacquiao Aims For Greatness

Pacquiao has been looking for a legacy fight this whole time. After been connected with Mikey Garcia and numerous other top dogs. It’s clear that Terence Crawford was the legacy fight he had in mind all along.

At 42 years of age, this fight breaks the mold in what we know about older fighters. “Pac Man” has been a pro boxer for 26 years compared to “Bud” who’s been doing it pro for 13 years.

This fight has shades of Michael Moorer vs George Foreman back in 1994. When Foreman competed in “One for the Ages” and Moorer was a 2/1 favorite and lost to Foreman who was 45 years of age.

In terms of the reach Crawford will have a 7″ advantage which is an important stat to take into account, even if Crawford was facing a prime Pacquiao this gives “Bud” an edge.

It’s true Pacquiao is very long in the tooth taking this fight. I expect Pacquiao to try and take out Crawford in the early rounds, if this fight goes into the later rounds it’s Crawford’s fight to win by KO or grind out a decision.


Winner to face Errol Spence Jr?

This fight is a perfect fight to set up a fight against Errol Spence Jr. A battle between two undefeated champions Spence vs Crawford, would make for prime boxing matchmaking at the highest level.

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3 thoughts on “Opening Odds for Manny Pacquiao vs Terence Crawford for June 5

  1. Don’t count the old guy out! It seems like a really bad mismatch but you gotta love Pac for always being up for the challenge. “Bud” really is the man right now so all props to him – but you never know, Pac will come from weird angles with power and this isn’t really anything Bud has faced.
    Smart money will be on Bud but heck, I’ll buy the PPV for the chance Pac does the unthinkable – again!

    1. Well said Charlie! I would love to see Pac get the win at this stage of his career, likewise, it would be a huge feather in Buds cap to beat the “old guy”. Thanks for your comment and hopefully this fight get’s made!

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