Dustin Poirier vs Justin Gaethje 2 Odds, Betting Props & Prediction for UFC 291

Dustin Poirier vs Justin Gaethje 2 set for Salt Lake City rematch at UFC 291
  • UFC 291 odds have Dustin Poirier as a -150 slight favorite taking on Justin Gaethje at +125.
  • Can Gaethje get revenge and stop Poirier, or will history repeat itself?
  • See who we are picking for Poirier vs Gaethje with the best bets and exciting props to wager on.

UFC 291 goes down on July 29th in Salt Lake City. The “BMF” title will be on the line for this lightweight classic rematch, between Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier and Justin “The Highlight” Gaethje.

This clash of lightweight titans promises to be an explosive encounter, as both fighters are known for their relentless aggression and knockout power. Let’s dive into the latest Poirier vs Gaethje betting odds, props and predictions for UFC 291.

Poirier vs Gaethje 2 Odds

Dustin Poirier-150
Justin Gaethje+125

UFC 291 odds for the rematch between Dustin Poirier and Justin Gaethje have been released. As of now, Poirier is currently a -150 favorite to defeat Gaethje once again inside the Octagon.

This means that if you want to bet on Poirier to win, you would need to wager $150 in order to potentially win $100. For Gaethje, he’s plus money with $100 gained off a $125 wager.

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When Poirier and Gaethje stepped into the Octagon for the first time, fireworks were expected, and they delivered. The fight was a back-and-forth war, with both fighters displaying incredible heart and determination.

Poirier managed to weather the storm early on, utilizing his technical striking and effective counterattacks. Gaethje, true to his style, pressed forward relentlessly, looking for the knockout blow. In the fourth round, Poirier found an opening and capitalized on it, securing a TKO victory.

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Poirier vs Gaethje Props

Method of Victory:
The odds suggest that the most likely outcomes for a win are either fighter winning by TKO/KO, with both Poirier and Gaethje having favorable odds in this category. Poirier’s odds are around +200 to +215, while Gaethje’s odds range from +225 to +250. This indicates that both fighters are expected to be aggressive and capable of finishing the fight with strikes.

The least likely outcomes in this category are both fighters winning by submission. Poirier’s odds for winning by submission are around +650, while Gaethje’s odds are even higher, ranging from +2000 to +2500. These odds suggest that their strengths lie more in striking and power rather than submission grappling.

Fight Duration:
The odds for the fight going under 1.5 rounds are quite favorable, ranging from +170 to +180, suggesting that the bookmakers believe there is a higher likelihood of the fight ending early.

On the other hand, the odds for the fight going over 3.5 rounds are less favorable, ranging from +133 to +150. This implies that the bookmakers think there’s a lower chance of the fight lasting beyond the midway point of the fourth round.

Fight Outcome:
Both Poirier and Gaethje have lower odds for the fight not going to a decision, with odds ranging from -225 to -260. This indicates that a stoppage or a knockout is expected, which aligns with the earlier analysis of the method of victory prop bets.
The odds for the fight going to a decision are more favorable, ranging from +165 to +195. However, given the aggressive nature of both fighters, the bookmakers still consider the likelihood of a decision less probable.

Round-specific Outcomes:
The odds for the fight starting in round 2 are quite favorable, ranging from -380 to -148. This suggests that the bookmakers anticipate a competitive opening round but expect the fight to continue beyond the first five minutes.
The odds for the fight ending in round 1 are less favorable, ranging from +240 to +250, indicating that a quick finish in the first round is considered less likely.

Fighter-specific Prop Bets:
Both fighters have odds for winning within specific rounds. Poirier’s best odds are for winning in round 1 at +500, and Gaethje’s best odds are for winning in round 1 at +700. These bets align with the expectation that early finishes are more likely.

Takedowns and Significant Strikes:
Poirier is favored to have more takedowns at +150, while Gaethje is expected to have more significant strikes with odds ranging from +120 to +225. This suggests that Poirier may look to implement grappling, while Gaethje is likely to focus on his striking skills. In conclusion, the implied probabilities based on the odds suggest that the most likely outcomes are a finish by TKO/KO for either fighter, with the fight not going to a decision.

Early finishes in the first two rounds are more probable, with both fighters expected to be aggressive and look for stoppages with their striking skills. The least likely outcomes are wins by submission for either fighter, as their odds for winning via submission are much higher.

Dustin Poirier vs Justin Gaethje Rematch Prediction

As the highly anticipated rematch between Dustin Poirier and Justin Gaethje approaches, let’s take a comprehensive look at the most important details and statistics of these two fighters to help inform your betting decisions.

When it comes to striking, both fighters have impressive statistics. Poirier has a significant strike rate of 5.51 strikes landed per minute (SLpM) with a striking accuracy of 50%. On the other hand, Gaethje has a higher SLpM of 7.38, coupled with a higher striking accuracy of 60%. Gaethje’s ability to land significant strikes at a higher volume could play a crucial role in the rematch.

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In terms of striking defense, Poirier holds a slight advantage with a 54% defense rate, while Gaethje maintains a respectable 53% defense rate. These statistics indicate that both fighters have solid defensive skills, but Poirier has a slight edge in terms of avoiding strikes.

Poirier has displayed a more well-rounded grappling game compared to Gaethje. He averages 1.39 takedowns per 15 minutes, with a takedown accuracy of 36%. Poirier also boasts a solid takedown defense rate of 63%, showcasing his ability to prevent opponents from taking him down. Furthermore, Poirier has a submission average of 1.2 submissions per 15 minutes, highlighting his proficiency in grappling exchanges.

Gaethje, on the other hand, relies more on his striking and possesses a lower takedown average of 0.13 per 15 minutes, with a takedown accuracy of 25%. However, Gaethje maintains an impressive takedown defense rate of 75%, indicating his ability to keep fights standing and avoid being taken down.

Analyzing their most recent fights provides additional insights into their current form. Poirier’s last fight was a win against Michael Chandler, where he showcased his resilience and striking skills to secure a knockout victory. Gaethje also comes off a win against Rafael Fiziev, displaying his striking power and tenacity.

It’s worth noting that both fighters have suffered losses to Charles Oliveira, the current lightweight champion. Poirier’s loss to Oliveira came via submission, while Gaethje’s loss was via TKO. These losses highlight the vulnerabilities of both fighters, but also their ability to bounce back and continue performing at a high level.

The rematch between Dustin Poirier and Justin Gaethje promises to deliver another battle of two top 155-pound fighters. If Gaethje can pace himself and not gas out too early he could go for the KO later in the fight. That being said, it’s hard to look past Dustin Poirier even at 34 years of age, “The Diamond” has become a true vet and his fight IQ and crisp boxing usually gives him the edge over most fighters that don’t grapple at least.

Betting Pick: Poirier

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