Aljamain Sterling vs Sean O’Malley Odds, Props & Prediction for UFC 292

Sterling vs O'Malley to headline UFC 292
  • UFC 292 odds are live with Aljamain Sterling at -250 against Sean O’Malley at +200.
  • Will O’Malley become the second fighter to stop Sterling?
  • See our betting prediction with prop bets for Sterling vs O’Malley at UFC 292.

The train doesn’t stop at bantamweight for Aljamain Sterling, as he takes on yet another solid contender in Sean O’Malley at UFC 292. O’Malley who’s coming off a split decision win over Petr Yan knows the pressure is on to make a statement in this 135-pound title bout. We review the latest Sterling vs O’Malley odds and props for UFC 292 below.

Sterling vs O’Malley Odds

Aljamain Sterling-250
Sean O’Malley+200

Aljamain Sterling holds the position of favorite in UFC 292 with odds of -250, suggesting his higher likelihood of winning. To back the reigning bantamweight champion, a $250 bet would yield a $100 profit in case Sterling secures victory. Sterling’s implied probability of winning stands at about 71.4%.

In O’Malley’s first title fight, he enters as an underdog at +200 odds. Placing a $100 bet on O’Malley and his victory would result in a $200 payout. According to US online sportsbooks, “Suga” Sean’s odds give him a 33.3% chance of triumphing over Sterling.

UFC 292 Betting Props for Sterling vs O’Malley

Let’s see what the best prop bets are for Sterling vs O’Malley are at UFC 292.

The odds suggest that Aljamain Sterling is the favorite to win. However, considering O’Malley’s impressive record, there’s still a significant chance for an upset. Fight goes to Decision:

  • Yes: +163 (implied probability around 37.86%)
  • No: -225 (implied probability around 69.23%)

It seems more likely that the fight won’t go to decision, given that both fighters have shown a propensity for finishing their opponents. Method of Victory:

  • Sterling wins by TKO/KO: +550 (implied probability around 15.38%)
  • O’Malley wins by TKO/KO: +330 (implied probability around 23.26%)
  • Sterling wins by Submission: +150 (implied probability around 40.00%)
  • O’Malley wins by Submission: +1800 (implied probability around 5.26%)

Sterling has a higher chance of winning by submission, while O’Malley’s best chance seems to be a TKO/KO finish. Both fighters have strengths in these areas, so these odds reflect their respective skill sets. Fight Ends in Round:

  • Round 1: +300 (implied probability around 25.00%)
  • Round 2: +440 (implied probability around 18.52%)
  • Round 3: +600 (implied probability around 14.29%)
  • Round 4: +950 (implied probability around 9.52%)
  • Round 5: +1400 (implied probability around 6.67%)

The bookmakers seem to think that submissions are more likely in the early rounds. This might indicate that the fighters’ grappling skills are seen as strongest earlier in the fight. Either Fighter Wins by TKO/KO:

  • Yes: +180 (implied probability around 35.71%)

There’s a reasonable likelihood that either fighter could secure a TKO/KO, given their respective striking abilities. Either Fighter Wins by Submission:

  • Yes: +140 (implied probability around 41.67%)

Both fighters have the potential to secure submissions, so this outcome seems quite possible. In summary, while Aljamain Sterling is the favorite, Sean O’Malley’s chances of victory can’t be overlooked.

Sterling’s submission skills make that a strong possibility, while O’Malley’s best route to victory appears to be a TKO/KO. The odds also suggest that an early finish or a submission is more likely than the fight going the distance.

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Aljamain Sterling vs Sean O’Malley Prediction

At UFC 292 reigning champion Aljamain “Funk Master” Sterling, boasting an impressive record winning streak takes on the always dangerous Sean O’Malley with a KO rate 69%.

When it comes striking, both Sterling and O’Malley are gifted strikers, but their styles differ significantly. O’Malley has a blistering striking rate, landing an incredible 7.43 significant strikes per minute with an impressive 60% accuracy.

His height advantage and switch stance make him a dynamic force in the stand-up game. On the other hand, Sterling may not be as flashy, but his 4.78 significant strikes per minute and 52% accuracy pack a solid punch. His orthodox stance gives him a stable base to counter O’Malley’s movement.

O’Malley’s explosive striking is be key here in the early rounds, and elusive footwork might give him an edge in the stand-up, but Sterling’s accuracy and ability to capitalize on mistakes could even the playing field. On weakness from O’Malley is his aggressive striking leaves him susceptible to absorbing more strikes (3.54 per minute) compared to Sterling’s 2.37. If Sterling can weather the early storm and keep the pressure on, he might find openings in O’Malley’s defense.

When it comes to grappling, Sterling has a clear advantage. With an impressive takedown average of 2.02 per 15 minutes and a 24% takedown accuracy, he can take the fight to the mat and control the pace.

O’Malley, while showcasing good takedown defense at 60%, lacks the wrestling acumen to counter Sterling’s takedowns effectively. Advantage: Sterling’s grappling prowess provides him with a path to victory by taking O’Malley out of his comfort zone and controlling the fight on the ground.

O’Malley’s takedown defense has improved, and he can potentially keep the fight standing where he is most dangerous. If Sterling’s takedowns fail, he might be vulnerable to O’Malley’s striking prowess.

Sterling holds an advantage in the submission department, averaging 0.8 submissions per 15 minutes compared to O’Malley’s 0.5. The Funk Master’s slick Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills could spell trouble for O’Malley if the fight hits the canvas.

Sterling’s submission threat could force O’Malley to be cautious, allowing him to transition into dominant positions and seek a finish. O’Malley’s ground game has not been heavily tested in the UFC, so it remains to be seen how he handles Sterling’s submission attempts.

Sterling’s cardio and experience in longer fights could prove crucial if this battle goes into the championship rounds. So, the big question: How can each fighter win this epic clash? To secure victory, Sterling needs to utilize his grappling and takedown skills early in the fight.

He must close the distance, avoid O’Malley’s power strikes, and take the fight to the ground. Once there, Sterling can capitalize on his submission expertise to finish the bout or earn points through ground control. His ability to control the pace and wear down O’Malley over time will be key to claiming victory.

The Sugar Show must rely on his exceptional striking and movement to keep the fight standing. O’Malley’s dynamic footwork and range control should be used to pick apart Sterling from a distance. He must avoid being taken down and use his takedown defense to keep the fight in his striking realm. Landing heavy shots and frustrating Sterling with his unorthodox style could lead O’Malley to a spectacular knockout victory.

In my analysis, numerous UFC fighters have expressed their predictions, and the majority stands firmly behind Sterling. They firmly believe that Sterling’s exceptional grappling skills will prove to be too overwhelming for O’Malley to counter, making it highly probable for Sterling to secure victory through a submission in the upcoming fight.

Betting Pick: Sterling by Submission.