Weili Zhang vs Amanda Lemos Odds, Props & Pick for UFC 292

UFC Boston - Zhang vs Lemos
  • UFC 292 betting odds are in favor of Weili Zhang -310 over Amanda Lemos +250.
  • Will Zhang secure her inaugural title defense, or shall Lemos disrupt the party as the underdog?
  • We list the best betting props for Zhang vs Lemos and prediction at UFC 292.

UFC 292 is in Boston this Saturday, August 19th. The co-main will feature Weili Zhang defending her strawweight title against Brazil’s Amanda Lemos. Headlined by Aljamain Sterling vs Sean O’Malley and featuring Neil Magny vs Ian Garry, UFC 292 has some huge betting opportunities. Let’s dive right into the latest odds for Zhang vs Lemos and props.

Zhang vs Lemos Odds

Weili Zhang-310
Amanda Lemos+250

Amanda Lemos is in the running with +250 odds to win tonight at UFC 292, indicating a moderate shot at success. Her strong suit seems to be TKO/KO, boasting +500 odds, showcasing her aggressive fight-finishing ability. On the other hand, her odds of winning by submission are at +1200, making it a less likely scenario.

Zhang is the favored contender at -310 odds, pointing to a higher likelihood of victory. Her chances of a TKO/KO win stand at +110, highlighting her striking prowess. She also has an opportunity to win by decision, with +300 odds, reflecting her strategic approach.

UFC 292 Prop Bets for Zhang vs Lemos

Analyzing the rounds, over 1½ rounds have odds of -235, indicating an expectation that the fight will likely last beyond that mark. Under 1½ rounds, at +170, suggests a faster outcome is less likely. In terms of the fight going to a decision, there’s a better chance of it happening for both fighters, with odds of +200 for Lemos and +240 for Weili.

On the other hand, the odds of the fight not going to a decision are -280 for Lemos and -345 for Weili, indicating a potential early finish. To sum it up, while Lemos has a good chance of a TKO/KO victory, Weili’s favored status and well-rounded skills suggest she might secure the win, possibly by decision.

The odds imply a longer fight, likely exceeding 1½ rounds. Always remember, the fight game can be unpredictable, but these odds give us a glimpse into the fighters’ potential paths to victory.

UFC 292 Betting Promos

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Weili Zhang vs Amanda Lemos Prediction

In her initial UFC title defense, Weili Zhang cements her position as a champion, having earned her spot by defeating Carla Esparza at UFC 281 in 2022. The sole fighter to overcome Weili’s prowess is Rose Namajunas, who handed her consecutive defeats in 2021.

Weili’s striking game is fierce, with a striking accuracy of 47% and landing an impressive 5.79 significant strikes per minute (SLpM). Her forward-moving approach can keep her opponents on the defensive, and her takedown average of 1.97 per 15 minutes suggests she’s no slouch in the grappling department.

Zhang, aged 34, possesses a penchant for embracing a minimalist lifestyle. She eloquently conveys that she has gracefully returned to the fundamental essence of life while residing in the serene locale of Phuket.

“I can stay focused here. Life is simple. Nothing but eating, sleeping and training.”


  • Aggressive Striking: Weili’s significant strike rate and accuracy make her a potent striker, capable of putting her opponents in trouble with her relentless attacks.
  • Takedowns: While her takedown accuracy isn’t the highest, her sheer volume of takedowns could wear down opponents and give her control on the mat.


  • Striking Defense: Her striking defense stands at 53%, leaving her susceptible to opponents who can exploit openings.
  • Takedown Defense: At 66%, her takedown defense might be an area that Lemos could capitalize on.

Amanda Lemos similarly is also on two fight winning streak, picking up a KO win over Marina Rodriguez and a submission victory over Michelle Waterson-Gomez both in 2022.

With a striking accuracy of 57% and an average fight time of 7 minutes and 25 seconds, Lemos is no stranger to ending fights quickly. Her southpaw stance and powerful striking could prove to be her key weapons.


  • Striking Accuracy and Power: Lemos has shown an ability to land significant strikes with high accuracy, which could spell danger for Weili.
  • Takedown Accuracy: Her 55% takedown accuracy could pose problems for Weili’s defense.


  • Takedown Defense: While Lemos has an advantage in takedown accuracy, her takedown defense is at 81%, potentially opening a path for Weili’s takedowns.
  • Grappling: Lemos might not want to take the fight to the ground against Weili, given Weili’s higher average in submission attempts per 15 minutes.

My prediction for this UFC 292 co-main fight is that Weili’s aggressiveness and diverse skill set could give her the upper hand. If she can close the distance effectively and control the fight on the ground, she might secure a win via submission or ground-and-pound.

On the other side, Lemos’ striking power and accuracy could be her ticket to victory. If she can keep the fight standing and land significant shots, a TKO or knockout win is not out of the question.

Given Weili’s more well-rounded skill set, her advantage lies in being able to dictate the pace of the fight. Her striking and grappling could prove to be a winning combination if she plays her cards right. In the end, both fighters bring their A-game to the cage, and this match has all the makings of a barnburner.

As UFC fans, we’re in for a treat, and from a betting perspective, a wager on Weili could be a smart choice, considering her ability to mix it up and adapt to her opponent’s strengths.

Betting Pick: Zhang by Decision.

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