Chiefs vs Bucs Odds & Predictions for Super Bowl 55

Chiefs vs Bucs set for Super Bowl 55
  • The Kansas City Chiefs are -3 point favorites away against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  • Tampa Bay is currently +150 underdogs on the Moneyline with a home-field advantage of playing in Florida.
  • The Chiefs have one of the most dynamic offensive lines in the NFL and we predict them to win Super Bowl 55.

The Buccaneers took down the Packers on Sunday to secure their place in the Super Bowl final on Feb 7. Joining them will be The Kansas City Cheifs, who are the early moneyline and point spread favorites to win their second Vince Lombardi Trophy in a row. Check out the latest how to bet on Super Bowl 56 guide.

Chiefs vs Bucs Odds

Kansas City Chiefs-169(-3) -120Over 56.5 (-110)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+150(+3) +100Under 56.5 (-110)

When the Super Bowl odds were released Sunday night, the Chiefs were coming in as -180 favorites on the moneyline. Now you can bet on them from anywhere between -175 and -160.

For Tampa Bay, they are currently +150 underdogs to win Super Bowl 55. That means if you bet $100 you could net $150 on yet another SB win for Tom Brady.

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The Spread & Over Under for Super Bowl 55

The point spread for Super Bowl 55 opened at 3.5. Now it is currently -3 in favor of the Chiefs and +3 for the Bucs to cover the spread.

The over under has been set at 56.5. Can the Chiefs win and cover the spread despite the opposition’s home-field advantage? The Bucs will be the first NFL team to play in a Super Bowl hosted at their home stadium: Raymond James in Tampa Bay.

Only two other teams in league history have made Super Bowls played in their home regions — the 49ers at Stanford Stadium in Super Bowl 19 and the Rams at the Rose Bowl in Super Bowl 14.

Brady vs Mahomes

Brady is just outside the top ten QB’s during the 2020 season. Yet he has managed to lift the Bucs and get them into the Super Bowl. He continues to have immense success when it matters most and brings his GOAT status from the Patriots to the Bucs this past season.

Mahomes is the best QB in the NFL. He represents the future and has a bright future ahead of him. After a concussion scare, Mahomes bounced back against the Bills, showing true leadership during moments of conflict.

Mahomes vs Brady H2H Stats

Predicted Scoreline for Super Bowl 55

The last time the Chiefs and Bucs played, was the last time the Bucs lost a game. The scoreline was 27-24 to the Chiefs in that game. The predicted scoreline for the final is Chiefs 31, Buccaneers 27.

A positive sign for the Bucs is that Antonio Brown is expected to return after a knee injury that left him out of the Conference Championships. That being said we did see the Bucs struggle at points against the Packers. As we know the Chiefs don’t leave much room for error.

The Bucs can’t afford to play man to man against the Chiefs. It will take some serious strategizing and using their experience against the Chiefs. Overall I think Mahomes will really break through the Bucs defense.

The Chiefs and Buccaneers should each put up more points than they did in Week 12; Mahomes and Brady are locked into a high level of execution. Brady has been terrific in getting the Bucs to this point in his first season with them, but the Chiefs are different beasts from what they conquered in the NFC.

Brady doesn’t get as much help as Mahomes does overall. Going against Brady in a tight game deep in the fourth quarter isn’t smart unless Mahomes is on the other side.

Pick: Kansas City Chiefs

Super Bowl Odds History

Season/ SB NumDateFavorite (seed)SpreadUnderdog (seed)Over/ UnderWinning TeamScoreATS Result
2019 LIV02/02/20Kansas City Chiefs (2)-2San Francisco 49ers (1)53Kansas City Chiefs31-20Favorite- Under
2018 LIII02/03/19New England Patriots (2)-2.5Los Angeles Rams (2)56New England Patriots13-3Favorite- Under
2017 LII02/04/18New England Patriots (1)-4Philadelphia Eagles (1)49.5Philadelphia Eagles41-33Underdog- Over
2016 LI02/05/17New England Patriots (1)-3Atlanta Falcons (2)57New England Patriots34-28Favorite- Over
2015 5002/06/16Carolina Panthers (1)-5Denver Broncos (1)43.5Denver Broncos24-10Underdog- Under
2014 XLIX02/01/15Seattle Seahawks (1)-1New England Patriots (1)47.5New England Patriots28-24Underdog- Over
2013 XLVIII02/02/14Denver Broncos (1)-2.5Seattle Seahawks (1)47.5Seattle Seahawks43-8Underdog- Over
2012 XLVII02/03/13San Francisco 49ers (2)-4.5Baltimore Ravens (4)47.5Baltimore Ravens34-31Underdog- Over
2011 XLVI02/05/12New England Patriots (1)-3New York Giants (4)53New York Giants21-17Underdog- Under
2010 XLV02/06/11Green Bay Packers (6)-3Pittsburgh Steelers (2)45Green Bay Packers31-25Favorite- Over
2009 XLIV02/07/10Indianapolis Colts (1)-4.5New Orleans Saints (1)56.5New Orleans Saints31-17Underdog- Under
2008 XLIII02/01/09Pittsburgh Steelers (2)-6.5Arizona Cardinals (4)46.5Pittsburgh Steelers27-23Underdog- Over
2007 XLII02/03/08New England Patriots (1)-12.5New York Giants (5)54.5New York Giants17-14Underdog- Under
2006 XLI02/04/07Indianapolis Colts (3)-6.5Chicago Bears (1)47Indianapolis Colts29-17Favorite- Under
2005 XL02/05/06Pittsburgh Steelers (6)-4Seattle Seahawks (1)47Pittsburgh Steelers21-10Favorite- Under
2004 XXXIX02/06/05New England Patriots (2)-7Philadelphia Eagles (1)47New England Patriots24-21Underdog- Under
2003 XXXVIII02/01/04New England Patriots (1)-7Carolina Panthers (3)38New England Patriots32-29Underdog- Over
2002 XXXVII01/26/03Oakland Raiders (1)-3.5Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2)44Tampa Bay Buccaneers48-21Underdog- Over
2001 XXXVI02/03/02St Louis Rams (1)-14New England Patriots (2)53New England Patriots20-17Underdog- Under
2000 XXXV01/28/01Baltimore Ravens (4)-3New York Giants (1)33.5Baltimore Ravens34-7Favorite- Over
1999 XXXIV01/30/00St Louis Rams (1)-7Tennessee Titans (4)48St Louis Rams23-16Push- Under
1998 XXXIII01/31/99Denver Broncos (1)-7.5Atlanta Falcons (2)51.5Denver Broncos34-19Favorite- Over
1997 XXXIII01/25/98Green Bay Packers (2)-11.5Denver Broncos (4)49Denver Broncos31-24Underdog- Over
1996 XXXI01/26/97Green Bay Packers (1)-14New England Patriots (2)49Green Bay Packers35-21Push- Over
1995 XXX01/28/96Dallas Cowboys (1)-13.5Pittsburgh Steelers (2)52Dallas Cowboys27-17Underdog- Under
1994 XXIX01/29/95San Francisco 49ers (1)-18San Diego Chargers (2)54San Francisco 49ers49-26Favorite- Over
1993 XXVIII01/30/94Dallas Cowboys (1)-10.5Buffalo Bills (1)50.5Dallas Cowboys30-13Favorite- Under
1992 XXVII01/31/93Dallas Cowboys (2)-6Buffalo Bills (4)45Dallas Cowboys52-17Favorite- Over
1991 XXVI01/26/92Washington Redskins (1)-7.5Buffalo Bills (1)49Washington Redskins37-24Favorite- Over
1990 XXV01/27/91Buffalo Bills (1)-6.5New York Giants (2)40.5New York Giants20-19Underdog- Under
1989 XXIV01/28/90San Francisco 49ers (1)-11.5Denver Broncos (1)47San Francisco 49ers55-10Favorite- Over
1988 XXIII01/22/89San Francisco 49ers (2)-7Cincinnati Bengals (1)47.5San Francisco 49ers20-16Underdog- Under
1987 XXII01/31/88Denver Broncos (1)-3Washington Redskins (3)47Washington Redskins42-10Underdog- Over
1986 XXI01/25/87New York Giants (1)-8.5Denver Broncos (2)40.5New York Giants39-20Favorite- Over
1985 XX01/26/86Chicago Bears (1)-10New England Patriots (5)37Chicago Bears46-10Favorite- Over
1984 XIX01/20/85San Francisco 49ers (1)-3.5Miami Dolphins (1)53.5San Francisco 49ers38-16Favorite- Over
1983 XVIII01/22/84Washington Redskins (1)-3Los Angeles Raiders (1)48Los Angeles Raiders38-9Underdog- Under
1982 XVII01/30/83Miami Dolphins (2)-3Washington Redskins (1)36.5Washington Redskins27-17Underdog- Over
1981 XVI01/24/82San Francisco 49ers (1)-1Cincinnati Bengals (1)48San Francisco 49ers26-21Favorite- Under
1980 XV01/25/81Philadelphia Eagles (2)-3Oakland Raiders (4)37.5Oakland Raiders27-10Underdog- Under
1979 XIV01/20/80Pittsburgh Steelers (2)-10.5Los Angeles Rams (3)36Pittsburgh Steelers31-19Favorite- Over
1978 XIII01/21/79Pittsburgh Steelers (1)-3.5Dallas Cowboys (2)37Pittsburgh Steelers35-31Favorite- Over
1977 XII01/15/78Dallas Cowboys (1)-6Denver Broncos (1)39Dallas Cowboys27-10Favorite- Under
1976 XI01/09/77Oakland Raiders (1)-4Minnesota Vikings (1)38Oakland Raiders32-14Favorite- Over
1975 X01/18/76Pittsburgh Steelers (1)-7Dallas Cowboys (4)36Pittsburgh Steelers21-17Underdog- Over
1974 IX01/12/75Pittsburgh Steelers (3)-3Minnesota Vikings (1)33Pittsburgh Steelers16-6Favorite- Under
1973 VIII01/13/74Miami Dolphins (1)-6.5Minnesota Vikings (1)33Miami Dolphins24-7Favorite- Under
1972 VII01/14/73Miami Dolphins (1)-1Washington Redskins (1)33Miami Dolphins14-7Favorite- Under
1971 VI01/16/72Dallas Cowboys (2)-6Miami Dolphins (2)34Dallas Cowboys24-3Favorite- Under
1970 V01/17/71Baltimore Colts (1)-2.5Dallas Cowboys (3)36Baltimore Colts16-13Favorite- Under
1969 IV01/11/70Minnesota Vikings (1)-12Kansas City Chiefs (3)39Kansas City Chiefs23-7Underdog- Under
1968 III01/12/69Baltimore Colts (1)-18New York Jets (2)40New York Jets16-7Underdog- Under
1967 II01/14/68Green Bay Packers (2)-13.5Oakland Raiders (1)43Green Bay Packers33-14Favorite- Over
1966 I01/15/67Green Bay Packers (1)-14Kansas City Chiefs (1)Green Bay Packers35-10Favorite
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