Boxing Odds Released for The Beast vs. The Mountain

the beast vs the mountain odds
  • Boxing odds for Eddie Hall aka The Beast and Hafthor Bjornsson aka The Mountain have been released.
  • The two former winners of World’s Strongest Man will fight in “the heaviest boxing match in history”.
  • We preview the betting odds for Eddie Hall vs Hafthor Bjornsson below with an early prediction.

Two juggernaut’s are expected to collide in Vegas next summer for The Heaviest Boxing Match in History. We preview the opening odds thanks to this list of recommended betting sites.

The Beast vs. The Mountain Odds

The Beast6/4, (+150)
The Mountain1/2, (-200)

Hafthor Bjornsson, who many will know as The Mountain from Game of Thrones opens as the betting favorite. You can bet $200 on The Mountain to make $100 profit.

Eddie Hall is Britain’s Strongest man and has a 40% chance of defeating The Mountain. You can bet $100 on The Beast to win $150 at these opening odds of 6/4.

The Stats

  • Eddie Hall’s height is 6’2″ and weighs 361 lbs.
  • Hafthor Bjornsson’s height is 6’9″ and weights 425 lbs.

Clearly Bjornsson has the height and weight advantage, with that he has some casual boxing training dating back a few years.

Meanwhile Hall has already been seen putting in the rounds as he prepares for the fight of his life against The Mountain.

The Rivalry

The roots of this rivalry stem egos colliding and controversial deadlifting records. The Mountain broke the World Record in deadlifting but Hall claimed it was controversial.

Due to the record being broke outside of competition at his home gym. The only way to settle this, yes you guessed it! Inside the boxing ring.

The stage has been set for the heaviest boxing bout in history in Vegas by September 2021.

When discussing the boxing match, a defiant Hall said: “I think I’ve got a much better mental approach than him. I’m going to outwit him mentally – and I’m going to outwit him physically as well…If I’m confident, then you (Bjornsson) are f*****. If I’m confident in my head then you should f****** run.

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