UFC 283 Betting Odds, Predictions & Picks

Terrance McKinney
  • We review the latest UFC betting odds for UFC 283 this coming weekend.
  • Find out why we are picking Johnny Walker to defeat Paul Craig at UFC 283.
  • The UFC 283 betting line is close for Terrance McKinney against Ismael Bonfim.

This Saturday UFC 283 will go down on January 21, 2023, at the Jeunesse Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We review the latest odds for UFC 283, included with some betting picks for fights that could be going under the radar.

UFC 283 Betting Odds

See the latest odds for UFC 283 below that are currently updated from all U.S. online sportsbooks.

Johnny Walker (-190) vs Paul Craig (+165) 

To this day, I can’t say the name Johnny Walker without feeling the 3 plates and 15 screws in my face.

This matchup is a quirky one. Walker finds a way to lose fights he shouldn’t and Paul Craig finds ways to win when he shouldn’t. That’s why should is a bad word. 

I would like to think, though, that Walker has matured just enough to fight his fight here. If he does that, I really don’t see how Craig can win this fight. For (-190), the value is on the favorite here. 

Scotch, scotch, scotch. 

Pick: Walker 

Ihor Poteria (-200) vs Mauricio Shogun Rua (+160)

Full disclosure, I didn’t know Shogun was still fighting. He has always been undersized but what a legend! 

Picking against Brazilians in Brazil has always been a dumb idea but you know what else is a dumb idea?

Picking a fighter to win in their retirement fight. That is what Shogun has said and I love him to death. Ihor Poteria hasn’t impressed me very much but for (-200), we have to favor the data. 

If Shogun had a fighting style similar to someone like Georges St Pierre or Khabib, I might lean his way in this spot but he is a striker through and through. He is going to stand directly in front of his opponent and throw. 

Shogun isn’t afraid to trade and while that has been the difference for him in the past against guys like Lyoto Machida, it just isn’t a good idea at 40+ years old. We all start to suck when we get old. 

Believe me. I wish this wasn’t the case but we have an affordable betting line to fade the faded Shogun Rua. 

Pick: Poteria

Terrance McKinney (-127) vs Ismael Bonfim (+107) 

Terrance McKinney is a trip. He has all the physical and mental gifts anyone could ask for but he hasn’t been the most consistent fighter. Whether they are winners or losers, if they are consistent, they are gold to us. 

I think Terrance being a bit of a head case is the reason this betting line is close to even money. This kid has all the tools and at 28, he is coming into his own. His opponent is very dangerous and fighting on his home soil but when the odds are almost even, we can bet on the better fighter regardless of inconsistency. 

Pick: McKinney


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