Glory Betting Odds: Rico Verhoeven vs. Badr Hari Rematch Preview

Verhoeven Hari Glory Rematch Betting Odds
  • A close opening betting line between Verhoeven vs Hari, with the edge going to Verhoeven.
  • This is a rematch of their 2016 bout, that ended in Hari injuring his arm and unable to continue.
  • Verhoeven has been the more active fighter, can he stop the legendary Badr Hari once again?

One of the biggest fights in kickboxing history gets underway on December 21st at Glory: Collision 2, to settle the unfinished business between Rico Verhoeven and Badr Hari. We preview the latest Glory Kickboxing Betting Odds for Rico vs Bard 2 below.

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Rico Verhoeven vs. Badr Hari 2 Odds

Rico Verhoeven-150 (4/6)
Badr Hari+120 (6/5)

The opening oddmakers for Verhoeven vs Hari 2, give Verhoeven a 60% chance of beating the Moroccan kickboxing superstar Badr Hari.

So how much money could you profit from betting on Verhoeven? Put $100 on him to make $66 on average profit. Meanwhile for Badr as an underdog, he offers better betting value, bet $100 on him to profit $120.

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Fans will be delighted to hear this long-anticipated rematch is announced. After a huge build-up for their first bout, it was an anticlimax due to freak injury Hari received during the fight.

Verhoeven has remained active since the Badr fight in late 2016, with five more wins under his belt the heavyweight champion has remained on top of his game at Glory.

Badr on the other hand had to recover from his injury and took one fight in 2018 against Hesdy Gerges, which he won but the result was overturned due to both competitors testing positive for banned substances. For Hari, this will be his final chance to reach the pinnacle that he’s been so close to for most of his career.

With a close betting line at the moment, we believe now is the time to take advantage of Verhoeven as a slight favorite.

Verhoeven discusses the upcoming rematch with Badr Hari, training techniques and kickboxing on the Joe Rogan Experience below.

JRE MMA Show #71 with Rico Verhoeven

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